TSH/restless leg syndrome

I have suffered with restless leg syndrome for about 20 years and 9 months ago was prescribed patches that miraculously cured the problem, recently,however, I have been suffering from similar symptoms whereby I have a sort of numbness in my toes and fuzzy feelings in my legs resulting in nights where I get no sleep at all. This does not happen every night, usually two or three nights a week. I am waiting to have surgery for a prolapse uterus, but it was discovered that I had a TSH of 48 and the surgery had to be cancelled. I did not know that I had a thyroid problem prior to the blood tests taken in preparation for surgery. My TSH level is now back to normal. I am wondering if anyone else, with same or similar medical history has this problem with their legs and feet. I get very anxious and panicky about it as nobody seems to understand how debilitating it is! Any tips please?


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  • I suffer with rls and iv just discovered i have a uterine prolapse, i also suffer with nerve damage from chronic back pain which resulted in an operation last year, I just seem to have one problem after another, iv just turned 41 and having to wear incontinence pads is so embarrassing but Ieak all the time so they are a must, how bad does a prolapse have to b to need surgery if u don't mind me asking

  • Hi it's Kaz sorry to here that I also have a serious back pain were I can sit in car for more then 10 mins without the pain

    Dose everyone have bad back and suffering from RLS

    Just trying to go my own survey

    Sorry to here your health problems

  • Well, I can tell you as far as back pain, in many of my groups, we have people who have had multiple back surgeries ( I have had 4). My RLS really started up when I broke my back at the age of 14, but I had RLS before that, it runs in my family. I never had a day without back pain, and when it gets bad, it seems my RLS follows it sometimes, not all of the time. The spinal fluid does transport dopamine to our brains, and there have been no formal studies on "backs" and RLS. I keep pushing for it, but they need $$$$$$

  • Wow, I'm sorry to hear your struggles! I am also dealing with RLS and back pain. I have 2 bulging disks in my lumbar spine and 2 in my cervical spine. I was told they aren't that bad? I have had RLS since 2003 when I went for a sleep study. They noticed strange leg movements but I didn't feel anything that I was aware of. A couple of years later the feelings of wanting to stretch came, then pain came like a nerve stinging and radiating down my legs. I have found that magnesium helps the RLS symptoms but nothing helps that stinging pain. Still no diagnosis from Drs due to the many types of pain I have. Peripheral Neuropothy is also something I deal with. I was given Cipro antibiotics in 2010 which started the PN. I am having countless symptoms and my Drs are bewildered! Oh well...

    Such is life

  • Never heard of that? Will search. Thanks .

  • Wanted to get a free sample but that's not an option. :)

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