Hi everbody, When I've I've answered people before I have not been able to find it on here, am I doing something wrong?

Has anybody tried acupuncture for RLS I have had 9 weeks without any RLS in legs but really bad in arms from acupuncture, I'm going on Wednesday for hopefully only 2 more sessions. it has been just wonderfull to have full nights sleep.

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  • Hi ,,Dormarpor ,I tried acupuncture some years ago ,it didn't work for me ,hopefully it sounds like it might work for you ,here's hoping ,

  • I tried acupuncture years ago, didnt help my RLS. Glad it seems to be helping you hope it continues once the treatment has finished.

  • HI dormapor. Glad acupuncture seems to be working for you. I tried it and a bottle of foul tasting medicine. It didn't work for me. I take a co codamol a quick fix before meds. kick in if I am having a bad time. That works.

  • Hello no acapuncture didn't help me but I am so happy you have found something that helps you. ..Pippins2 x

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