Restless Legs Syndrome
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I had another Acupuncture treatment yesterday. I have great hope, and belief that this will help. I've been getting treatments since 1979. I should tell you all, that I have more than hope that Acupuncture will help. I KNOW it will. Dance your way to your nearest Acupuncture School or Clinic and find out. The chinese have been using Acupuncture and herbs, effectively, for over 3000 years

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Tried Acupuncture in the past, didnt do a thing for my RLS.


Iv tried it for 8 weeks dident work for me Were did you say you was from in America


Well you sound happy and such hope ,I hope it works for you as it never worked for me at all just cost money but when desperate you try anything good luck x


With your attitude of gratitude, you are right on.


Thank You, Attitude's the key


Happy, beady3, Just as miserable as everyone else with RLS. I'm Hopeful and flinging out suggestions that maybe will help others. When I find a Treatment that works, for me, I'll get ahold of Nobel_Prize. We gotta deal? I am happy. not with my situation, but with life in general, Even when things suck, there's always something beautiful to look at, listen to, or hell, even yell at.

Gotta Make The Best of Things. Rule 419b11. It's in the manual, page 67

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