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Hi folks thought I would let you know what I am up to,a week ago I started the patch and one Tramodol for 4 night just great no dizziness or feeling sick and a good8 hours sleep,last night I thought I would drop the Tramodol well that was a big mistake it was back went to bed 5.30 am no sleep,so for me it's going to one of each and hope it lasts night all X

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  • hi beady just been going thro posts ive seen you are now on [patches] have you knocked your other meds on the head?? or still on others?? I am contemplating asking my [doc] to give me a script for some!! however [windwalker] sent me a post saying to log on to a site about [neupro ] have done so now I am not sure!! in so much to say that I found out that it wasn't suitable for ASTHMA suffers!!! as I am one that has ASTHMA [all my life] don't know if I should risk it !!! just don't know how bad it would be?? I think I will sleep on it [hopefully] good luck and best wishes STANx not sure if ive put wrong name for post think it was nightwalker???? ooops

  • Hi there Stan why don't you ask the doc about the patches and your asthma ,I had another 8 hrs sleep again just talk to him cheers x

  • hi beady3 I took your advice had a chin wag!! with my [gp] he had a look in his black book didn't find anything about ASTHMA and gave me a script for some am going to pick them up today [MONDAY] chemist didn't have any in stock !! no surprise there!! on FRIDAY will let you know how it goes talk again soon T.T.F.N. STANx

  • I used the patch and targinact - if I miss one of them my legs and body are all over the place with the two most nights are good.

    Glad things are going in the right direction beady3, (were you not beady2 at a stage?).

  • Hi Raffs nice to hear you are getting on well,no always been beady 3 x

  • Ah must have been a brain malfunction on the name!

    Yeah thankfully things are a lot better than they had been. I got a very stark reminder the other day of how bad it can get - I forgot the Targinact and for whatever reason the Gods must have thought I was getting it too good and needed an extra dose of discomfort and pain but I had to take a car journey and I was rocking, thrashing and jumping like someone possessed! Thankfully the roads were quiet or else I would have been quite the spectacle!

  • hi raffs wow you must have been in a terrible state!!! and very lucky to get to where you were going!!! bet you wont forget to take the targinact again??

  • You'd be surprised how often I forget! I normally don't remember until I am bouncing and by then its too late!

    I have been at a very low ebb with this bloody condition and would give every penny I own home and all if I could get rid of it, a cardboard box I can lie at peace in is worth more than the most comfortable mansion with RLS.

  • has anyone heard from beady3 just lately not seen any posts for over a week????

  • Hi there Stan,so pleased you managed to get the patch hope it's going well for you,are you just on patch or anything else, I am on hols at my daughters go home Sat,the patch is going quite well but still take Tramodol with it am pleased so far, keep going x

  • hi beady hope you had good holiday somewhere nice and hot !! am still on prami not sure if the patch is working yet its only 1mg.what size do you have?? how long did it take with you to kick in??. am coming up to west brom on Monday to visit my wifes mam she had a stroke last year shes in a nursing home meeting up with others after to make plans for her 100th b/day in july!! staying up till Wednesday got to be back home by 2ish to go to a funeral!! then we are off to devon for a few days. well think that's about all for now take care talk again soon xx.

  • hi beady no not at the present have had hardly any sleep for the past 4nights I did get about 3hrs 2 nights ago by lying on the floor face down!! have been taking my pramipexole with the patch both pippins and elisse have given me a rollicking for doing so!!!! lol have not taken any [prami] today [Thursday] and doubled up on patch no adverse affects yet might carry on ?? things went ok with our visit to the nursing home I told mam I had booked the [Chippendales] for her 100th b/day all the nurses had good laugh but she hadn't a clue my wife said I am mental but if it cheers her up what the hell!!! well beady am going to try and get to sleep so take care STAN.xx

  • hi beady no joy with the patches if anything they made things worse I stopped taking the pramipexole as suggested ran a single patch for a time didn't do any good then doubled up once again no joy legs all over the place so I went back on pramipexole they have settled down now!!! day time that is !! am still getting problems when in bed can sit down stand-up for hours no problems but within mins of hitting the hay off they go!!! have read about pain killers being used tramadol being the one most seam to be using my gp will not give them!! have tried the run of the mill ones the ones you can get from any shop once again no good was wondering if you or anyone else knew of something stronger??? either by script or health-shops its now 1/4 to one and I ry and get some sleep!!! so t.t.f.n STANx.

  • Hi Stan my legs are playing up tonight just had a bath to try and help its 1.30 ,I take Tramodol and a patch out of my first 6 weeks I had 2 bad nights now it's here again ,well I hope it's just a blip Did you have 2 patches and still no luck, let's hope what you are on now works for you, I have had Pramapixal God I think I have had the lot ,glad you had a nice break we are away Sat for a week Sidmouth xx

  • hi beady hope your bath did the trick !! I recall reading somewhere about hot/cold baths helping with RLS ive not tried it yes I did put 2 patches on with no relief !! was tempted to try a 3rd but I didn't anyway have good holiday at SIDMOUTH is that in SOUTH DEVON?? talk again soon STAN.x

  • Hi Stan I am going well with the patch and 1 Tramodol my patch didn't work on its own so you might be the same ,I have 1mg patch always best to start low,I was ok from day one but when I dropped the Tramodol disaster hence 1 patch 1 Tramodol, I have been with daugher in Barmouth super back now ,hope your plans go well x

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