I have rls bad at the min am on Tramodol because they make me so tiered I thought I would come of them,went to docs yesterday and she put me on Amatriptaline well I had the worst night ever rang doc this morning and told him what I was like and he said stick it out because it takes a week to build up ,he said it was rubbish to say it was no good for rls ,well I will give it a week hope I am here to tell the tail

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  • My doctor gave me that initially and made my symptoms worse. I thought it was well known on here that it was not good for RLS but I'm sure you'll get help from one of the experts on here. Their info is usually spot on. Good luck.

  • Thanks ,that's what I told the doc he didn't like it said it was not true he knew people who had had success with the drug ,I will pick another doc next time he was nasty

  • Your dr is ignorant. Ami is the number one anti rls trigger for 99.99% of sufferers. People have strongly cosidered suicide while on it.

    Stick with the Tramadol if poss- and look for a more understanding dr.

    Gabapentin or horizant or lyrica are options to consider.

  • People without RLS have success with this drug to help improve sleep, but it will do the opposite for us, I can promise you 99.9%!

  • Spot on, nightdancer. :)

  • Beady, Amitrityline is only going to give you more bad nights. :( It is a tricyclic antidepressant and is tops on the list for Drugs to Avoid if you have RLS. it is well known not to use this, and as much as I hate to criticize doctors, in general, he knows nothing about RLS if he is gving you this med, and it is not going to get better in a week, it will get worse. This is true for 99.9% of us, there are always exceptions, BUT not that many when it comes to this drug. It is the ONE drug that made my RLS so bad I was ready to literally off myself, and I am not that kind of a person. So, your doctor is wrong. if he wants to add on a med, have you ever tried Clonzepam?? What is your dose of Tramadol?

  • Hi beady3, I also take Amitriptyline, and it works wonders for me. I know it doesn't work for everyone though, and some people have said it's made their RLS worse. I do think you should give it a bit longer though, as your doctor suggested.

  • Ok how bad is you rls and how long have you been on them and what were you on before and did you still have bad nights in early days ,I could do with some news to make my mind up ,thank you very much x

  • Amitriptyline is a good drug Beady for many conditions but unfortunately for the majority of RLS sufferers it aggravates the condition.

    It is listed on the RLS-UK website as a medication to avoid.

    As I have said before I was ok on Amitriptyline, when I took it for another condition for a relatively short period of time. I have intermittent RLS, so that may be why, but I am well aware the majority of RLS sufferers cannot take this med.

    I hope you can do as your doctor wishes and stick with it for a week after your horrendous night.

  • I'm on Amitriptyline to help me sleep, I also take Ropinerole for my RLS, I'm noticing I had a few nightmares at first, but after a few weeks they subsided and I'm noticing a great improvement in my RLS symtoms...

  • My RLS had got so bad, my legs would kick out, and I'd hurt my back a few times. I do take Co-Codemal in the evening as well, whether that has anything to do with it I don't know. I was prescribed 10mg, but I do sometimes boost that to 20mg. I've been on them now for about 6 months I think, maybe longer. If I remember rightly, it took a few days to kick in.

  • Thank you for reply,I do wish you all the very best that's what my legs are like just lash out and then that does your back in ,I will know by 9.00what I am going to do x

  • Hi Beady I was on 30mg of amitriptalene for some months, but was worried about it and managed to give up 20mg. Unfortunately if I stop the other 10mg my legs become really bad with rls so now seem to be stuck with the 5mg.

  • I tried it one night. My RLS hit the roof!x

  • I tried to stop Tramulief which is an extended release tramadol and my legs went mad! It, with other stuff I take, does make me tired but I prefer that to the legs kicking all over the place. My wife takes Amytriptalene and it is great for her as a sleeping aid but she has Dystonia

  • Thanks for reply,well I made my mind up I am staying with the Tramodol and if I need a sleep I will have one,after the terrible night before I slept 10hrs last night and feel great now, I do wish every one a good night x

  • Hi Beady, see my post above about Amitriptyline, hugs Kim x

  • U no wot i read this post everyday an i hardly ever put a reply but its taught me a lot madlegs.... an others its so enlightening to hear from others who r in the same situation as me but all i gather on the whole is most drs r shit they don't understand or they fob u off wiv shit meds im sick of drs thinkin rls is not a debilitating disease well hello folks yes it is my life has changed unbelievably as im sure everyone on here understands!!!! Rant over gd luck to all an carry on the gd fight cause im sure it will b classed as a debilitating deasese shortly 👏👏👏👏

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