hi everyone just to let you all  no, I have found out why I was not sleeping(insomnia) my GP gave me some ant-bionics  for cystius, a couple of weeks ago, well I stopped taking them to try and eliminate, what was causing my problems, well as soon as I stopped taking these my sleep pattern returned to normal, but the itching returned when I took tramadol, went to bed last night at 9 o'clock, apart from the itching I slept while 7.0 clock this morning, I am so proud of myself for working this out,& I feel a lot better after having a good nights sleep    

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  • Good on you ,there's nothing like a good nights sleep take them while you can ,how long have you been on Tramadol for as I'll have to change my meds can we stay on them for a while 

  • hi I go on tramadol every time I wean myself of dopamine drugs this time about 6weeks weaned myself of dopamine about three times, was taking repinarole, but got augmentation, so I try anything (painkillers) after a while the painkiller your taking wears of (does me anyway) but tramadol works for me apart from the itching, it drives me mad, but this time I have not been sleeping until I discovered about the ant-bionics,will no for next time though.   

  • Connie, i hope the cystius doesnt return because of not finishing the full course of the antibiotics.   I also hope you can stay on the Tramadol and NOT return back to the Ropinerole.  The Neupro Patch could be a better option for you, if you cant stay with the Tramadol because of the itching.  But, glad you got a good night's sleep.  6 weeks off the Ropinerole is good but you need to get that augmentation right out of your system, before thinking of taking another dopamine med.  Keep at it.   :)

  • Have been on Ropinorole only a couple of weeks but was and still am getting headaches and putting on the weight which I try very hard to keep off, was on 1tab made the mistake of cutting down to a quarter( but that was a mistake )so taking half tab at the moment but still getting headaches ,will go back to doctor have an app in a fortnight so will be off Ropinorole by then just thought Tramadol might work ,apart from gabapentin is there a lot else to try am in NZ 

  • Mopsy it was reduce by a quarter not only take a quarter. Sounds like you already worked that out but just double checking! !! X

  • Hi pippins2 felt like an idiot ,yes I did figure it out thankyou for your help ,taking half of one at the moment, still working with one clonazepam not sure what to go on next ? Hubby on gabapentin he has bilateral peripheral neuropathy ,,, he is putting on the weight too and they aren't doing anything so is going off them as well ,we are at the age so easy to put the weight on ,so hard to keep off ,we do exercise 

  • HI Elisse I have tried the neupro patch & it doesn't do a thing for me,I just hope the cystitis doesn't come back either, got 3 tablets left from antibiotics when I discovered what was giving me insomnia ,so that's when I stopped taking the antibiotics, the tramadol hasn't let me down I've started to itch terrible,didn't close my eyes last night cause of the itching, I just cannot win, either way, can you get augmentation with tramadol,? just wondering, no matter what I take I just cant get the right combination, think I've tried everything going, even the oxynorm stopped working, told my GP he said after awhile all opiates stop working, its a case of trying to find the right combination, for me everyone's different.                

  • Great job. Doesn't it just feel great when we manage to sort these things out ourselves. Glad you got a nights sleep. I hope many more are to follow.

  • yes I felt great when I discovered what was causing me to have insomnia but taking tramadol is great for RLS but the itching as come back with a vengeancenever closed my eyes last night 15/04/2016

  • Pleased you got some rest at last Connie.  Let's hope you are able to continue with the Tramadol.  Fingers crossed.

  • thanks cicek the tramadol is working fine on my RLS but the itching as returned with a vengeance 

  • So sorry to hear that Connie. Hope you manage to get it sorted out x

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