hi everyone as anyone found that tramadol causes insomnia been taking it know for 4weeks,helps my legs enormous its brilliant for me for RLS but I am having really bad problems sleeping been to see my GP he's given me  zopaclone but I don't want to go down that road,he's told me to take it every alternative day, any help  please, I took this drug some yrs ago had to come of it  made me itch really bad, then about 4wks ago,( I was going through a really bad patch)I started to take it again, I couldn't believe it no itching, but I am having  difficulty with my sleeping.

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  • I find that for me when I start an opioid after a period off them they leave me finding it difficult to sleep. I am relaxed in bed as the RLS is quiet but I think there is a mild 'stoning' effect that leaves me chilled but not sleepy! For me after a couple of weeks of use this subsides and I can sleep again.

    I don't think the Zopiclone on alternate nights for a brief period is anything too serious. What dose are they? I get 7.5 mg ones occasionally and depending on how I am sometimes I can half the dose and still get sleep.

    Let me know how you get  on.

  • thanks raffs but I have been on the tramadol know for 4weeks,i think that's long enough for anyone, like I said previously I do not want to go down the sleeping pills road, but how long are you suppose to go without a proper sleep, I did something really silly the other day (I was desperate for some sleep) I took half milligram of repinarole, it worked wonders, but I don't want to go back on dopamine drugs again, its took me a long time to wean myself  of them (twice)   

  • I wonder if you try taking it at a different time perhaps?

    The Zopiclone used right, in my opinion, wouldn't be as severe a drug as any of the DA's. Just my opinion mind!

  • thanks raffs I take 2 50mg tramadol twice a day one about 6 in the evening then another about 10.oclock at night I'm  going to take a zopiclone tonight because I'm knackered, the only trouble taking these is the next day you feel like a zombie, its one of two evils,isn't it.   

  • Isn't it just! I feel hungover when I take them but at least it gets my body some rest. 

    If the tramadol are extended release you could take them a bit earlier but it seems like a good time to take standard release, did you jump very quickly to 200mg? Its just that's half the maximum daily dose.

  • hi raff I don't take 200mg I only take 2 tablets a day they are 50mg. 1 at 6 o'clock then the other at 10 o'clock that's only 100mg a day, only get  RLS in the evenings, starts about 7.o'clock if I didn't take anything for my legs I would go mad,

  • Ah right, I seen you had mentioned 2 tabs and got confused! That dose makes a lot more sense!

    Pity it's causing the other difficulties - did you get a nights sleep last night at least?

  • yes took a clonazepam but woke about 3.oclock this morning

  • Hi Connie,it's me beady ,what a shame about your sleep pattern,well pleased about no itching,did you start will 200gm tabs have you tryed 100 mg I think you are on a lot I know you can take 8  but I wouldn't want to,I take mine. At 5.00and 9.00 they are the slow release onesi take 100mg a day,funny how they make you feel they still make me sleepy after 18 months, the best bit of news is I have had 5 night sleep in a row   I also take magnesium tabs  wait for it if I have a bad night tonight  I will wish I hadn't spoken good luck my friend 

  • hi beady3 nice to hear from you last night I fell asleep watching coronation st about 7.45 then my husband had to wake me because I was snoring, I didn't take anything I must have been so tired I just fell asleep, took a zoplicone last night slept right through till 3.00 this morning had to get up & have a walkabout my legs were going crazy but after about half an hour got back in bed fell asleep still feel a bit drowsy know, but it wares of after about 2hrs or so,I was just wondering I am taking that much medication for different ailments, just thought the tramadol might be interacting with other meds, that's  why I'm not sleeping, so I haven't took any of my meds for last two days, to see if it could be that, that's keeping me awake (insomnia)       

  • Connie what are you taking, I just take Tramodol and colestral  x

  • hi beady3 what is colestral? never heard of it all I'm taking is 2x 50mg tramadol 1at 6.o cock & the other at 10.oclock for the last 2weeks I have been taking antibiotics for cystitis. now whether it was  this clashing with the tramadol I don't no, will find out tonight I haven't took my usual meds for the last couple of days to see if it was the meds, will let you no

  • Connie sorry spelt it wrong it collesterol  I just hope tonight will be the night x

  • hi beady3 just posted a message, I have found out why I have not been sleeping, please see the message,& thanks for your support 

  • Hi Connie.  Sorry to hear you are still having problems.  I am taking Tramadol twice a day but don't have any problem sleeping now and of course they are really good for the RLS.   I used  to take Zoplicone which I found helped a lot but have now been able to stop that.  I hope like Raffs says that if you give it a couple of weeks you might start sleeping better.  Good luck.  I know you have had a really difficult time.

  • thanks cicek you are not kidding when you say I have been having problems.the tramadol works wonders for my legs, but the no sleeping is really getting to me BIG TIME  

  • connie 50I am so glad someone has confirmed the sleepless state after taking tramadol.I have been getting very little after starting that and lyrica.In fact on a number of occasions gone two or three nights at a time without any sleep at all.I can,t say the RLS relief is of great significance either for me as the tramadol is short acting.and no sooner does it wear off than the wretched state commences again.However don,t be discouraged as we all have different reactions.I am seeing my neurologist next week and will have him try to sort me out .He is a darling little man .I probably intimidate him.

  • hi reten the tramadol as been working for me for RLS but I fell asleep last night didn't take anything, I must have been so  tired, but later took a zopiclone was determined to have a good nights sleep, woke about 3.00 o'clock this morning my legs going mad, had a little walkabout then went back to bed fell asleep straight away, feel a bit groggy know & tired but it wears of after a couple of hrs or so, like I said to beady3 wonder if its interaction with other drugs I'm taking that's why I cant sleep, doing an experiment to see if it is anything to do with other meds,    

  • Hi Connie, I also take 2 50 mg tabs of TRAMADOL.  One st 5:30 pm and the other at 11:30 pm.  I agree that the TRAMADOL doesn't let me sleep properly but I refuse to medicate more, however, I feel the lack of sleep is a cheap price to pay than having RLS and REALY being up all night walking till weeeee hrs in the morning.  At least I don't have THE feeling and get some kind of rest and some broken sleep, the solution?  I take a nap everyday when I feel sleepy, usually around 3 pm , about a 20 min nap and then I'm good to go.  I've discussed this with others here that are also on TRAMADOL and suggest the nap, fortunately the ones I chatted with can have the privilege of napping since they don't work and I don't either.  Usually after a few days, 3-4 I'll get a solid sleep night and I'm happy.  Be grateful the TRAMADOL works for you, it doesn't for many and they ate desperate looking for meds that can help them.  I think we're the lucky ones because aside the fact that it works for us it's the least to cause augmentation and the least for addiction.  Let's count our blessings.  NAP!  Good luck.

  • I am like you. I can get my legs, and the itching, calmed down, but I am a poor sleeper. Once in a while I will violate protocol and take another half of a vicodin and an extra 300mg of gabapentin and get 6 hours of continuous sleep, but I awake with a giant hang over and wish I'd have stuck to the protocol and slept my usual 4 hours in fitful patches.

    Sleep deprivation is the cause of a lot of bad judgement, Did anyone else notice that?

    This is risky for me, the sleep portion. I had a nephew who took pain meds and didn't wake up. it was not a deliberate overdose, but just enough to trigger an already defective heart, which only showed up on autopsy. It was ruled an accidental death.

     I also have pulmenary hypertention and a left bundle nerve block, which is what he died of. So that what I'd call bad judgement from lack of sleep.


  • I have not had a nights sleep in days.reply to Connie 2 and Windwalker. I am so sorry to hear about your nephew,this is the problem with all these medications the side effects.Am not sure if the tramadol or the Lyrica is causing the sleeplessness.In any event I have had severe RLS now for the best part of 2 days As soon as the tramadol wears off it continues.The quality of life is so restricted.I must apologize for moaning.

  • As I've mentioned on a similar thread - I  have moved from mirapex to tramadol  over the last few weeks. Just as some of you have experienced - pure insomnia. ( oh I'm dancing an evil jig of uncomfortable joy that I'm  not alone- Sorry😢)  I kept with the tramadol 100sr just at night- but then found I  needed to take it earlier in the evening--augmentation so early in course of treatment- unlikely -? So then i was topping up with  oxycontin 5 to get me through to morning.  Dr B advice.  But still unable to sleep- even rls was quiet. 

    After a week of that I  gave up and changed to oxycontin 10  to see if any difference - none so far after one night - I'm  now going to take it on 24 hr basis- I just can't  take the feelings of ' withdrawal' anymore . I  even checked out ways of killing myself- very funny blog by a H.Hacket (I  think ) but I  just wouldn't  do that to my family. But it does chillingly show what depths rls etc drives us to in those midnight horrors and despair.!

    I see my GP next Monday - so am making up the "list"- tramadol or oxycontin?  Sleeping pills, gabapentin,  targinact, and so on. 

    He has point blank refused methadone  but seems ok with opiates etc.( for back pain ho ho ) The chemist says we don't have Horizant  in Ireland - so thats out unless there are trials?? Sorry for rambling on- I'm finding it difficult to  concentrate. 

    My new grandaughter is bringing her parents to visit me in a few minutes.  Must get a bit of shut eye  before then. 

    You are not alone in tramadol insomnia.  Take small dose of short  acting sleeping pills if its just insomnia. If its rls- then up the dose of tramadol / oxy . Longer term - Gabapentin  may be viable as an additive at night - but only if you can get away with a  low dose- upto 600. 

    Love you all.

  • Madlegs have just read your post,I don't know why but Tramodol make me so sleepy, I am so tiered  it's hard going  and yet I am sleeping all night ,I am just going to have five mins,when everyone says about Tramodol making them stay awake half the night I don't get it, maybe I have sleeping sickness xx

  • Beady, Tramadol was making me very sleepy in the day too, but it also started to make me dizzy.  That wasnt a good feeling, so i have stopped the Tramadol for now.   So, you are not alone on the sleepiness during the day, and it didnt give me insomnia at night. 

  • That's  so wierd- us all having such different  reactions. Maybe we should organise blood swaps- just watched a tv programme  on Alzheimers  patients getting young plasma and achieving good results. Maybe they'll get around to us some time! !

    I find - if anything , the tramadol energised me- my family  said I was hyper.   So there must be something in our different  chemistries  to have such different reactions. 

    Goodnight to you all. Or morning in New Zealand. 

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