Hi everyone spoke to soon about the tramadol, the itching last night was horrendous, I was itching all night +my legs were going crazy, as well, its no use going to see my GP because they don't have an answer as well, all they do is give you more meds,& I don't want that either, all I want is a pain relief so I can come of dopamine, which hasn't got codeine in them.

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  • Hi I have just tried tramadol made me feel so ill also tried zopiclone for sleep did not make me sleep do not know what else out there sorry I can not help fed up with pain and lack off sleep

  • I do understand what you are going through I have been there done it, I know what you mean about zopiclone my GP gave it me but didn't do a thing for me only walk around like a zombie the next day, the tramadol works wonders for me when I'm trying to wean myself of dopamine, but it does make me itch (its the opiates in tramadol) why don't you try repinarole I swear by it.Its the only drug I can take for RLS but it does cause augmentation( for me anyway)but theirs people on this forum that's taken it for yrs without any problems, its up to the individual. You could always try codeine as well in fact there's loads out there its just up to finding the one that suits you, with me not being able to take opiate drugs someone on this forum as suggested Krakom, just in the middle of researching this drug, will let you know how I get on

  • frances, what was your reaction to the Tramdol, did they make you nausea's or something else. What dose did you take...

  • Took 100mg in the evening could not function for about 36 hours kept falling asleep but not for long.Going to try nopinariole got 0.25 need something that works. Thanks for replie

  • I am taking Tramadol at the moment. I am useless taking meds they all give me side effects. Try taking the low dose ropinerole and if that doesnt work, try it with one 50mg Tramadol. Sometimes taking two low doses of different meds can help. All of the meds i have tried for my RLS, i react a bit like you, i am like a zombie the next day, and just want to sleep.

  • Hello Elisse

    Interesting! I take one 50mg Tramadol and one 50mg Ropinirole at night which works for me. However I can sometimes suffer itching of the lower part of the leg but not always.

    Other than that I generally sleep well but without these meds it would be horrendous

  • Hello m196, have you typed that dose of Ropinerole correctly.? Maybe that is a typing error and should have a decimal point in there some where. :)

  • SORRY!!!!!


  • Phew..!! that sounds a better dose. :)

  • What a beggar ,didn't realise Tramadol made some people itchy? hope you sort things out ,I have the doctor on the 15 th bit worried about what they might try me on like you I don't seem to get a lot of understanding ,hardly anyone seems to be happy on our pills for long wish there was just one we could all be on and get some relief

  • its the opiates that make you itch anything that has opiates, such as codeine,tramadol, I cannot take because it makes me so very itchy. I have just recently broke my wrist & the hospital gave me (for the pain) Dihydrocodeine this is marvellous for pain but it contains opiates so makes me very itchy, plus you can never get any understanding from DRS because

    they don't know about RLS

  • I've seen a number of people post of that with tramadol - its known to occur with opiates.

    You could try Kratom - it works on the opioid receptors and is much safer than traditional or synthetic opioids/opiates.

  • thanks raff will try this.tramadol is brilliant if you want to wean yourself of dopamine drugs but in my case it makes me itch terrible

  • Watch out for that Kratom. It comes from trees grown in Turkey and it is outlawed there. So, do your homework.

  • It comes from a variety of countries it is indigenous to Southeast Asia. I've not heard about Turkey growing it but I am sure you could.

    I would hold no stock in it being illegal in certain countries/states, many substances are because a minority of people abuse/misuse it. Believe me the opiate drugs that the majority of us use here are vastly more dangerous including death. The legality of a drug has less to do with the harmfulness of the drug and more to do with politics - see Nutt et al 2010 for a list of harmful drugs and take note of 2 in particular in the top 5!!!!

    I encapsulate mine, the powder is vile to me. I bought a 00 machine off Amazon and I took 12 - 15 of them once a day in evening to get me over the worst of the symptoms and allow me to be with my family. For me the good effects lasted about 5-6 hours with an increase in symptoms again in the next 2 hours. I normally only took one dose a day - 2 if things were bad and I was really struggling.

    It is important to be careful taking any substance especially one that works on the opioid receptors from co-codamol 8/500 up to heroin and all in between have the potential to be misused and abused. Take only for pain/legs. If you find yourself taking out side of those times you need a long hard look at yourself!!! I personally believe and I have read plenty of research to support it that if you are taking drugs, even those rated as highly addictive, only for what they are prescribed at the lowest possible dose and for the shortest period of time then addiction is unlikely. If you use to medicate feelings or alter perception then you are heading id not already deeply in trouble.

    As nightdancer said, (just love that name!), do your homework:

    That'll get you started. Take care.

  • I'm interested in taking this but would like to know if it comes in leaves, powder or whatever.

    Don't understand what you mean when you say you bought a00 machine


  • Its the size of capsules that fit this:

    I get it in powder:

  • hi please google it first I have it comes in different forms

  • It's legal in UK but not in some American states I believe

  • I've tried Kratom but had take 5 teaspoons to get it to work, which seemed an overdose because next day I felt dizzy and had a headache. Wondering how much you take.

  • hi raffs just wondering have you tried kratom? were do you buy it from? can you get it from your GP only I live in England I was just wondering weres the best place to get it from if your GP doesn't prescribe it

  • I get it in powder:

    They are a good reliable site. Then check around there are various sites that advise on its use.

  • and consider the source of the information on the sites actually selling it, the info is going to be skewed in their favor. Better to read about it on a "neutral" site that is NOT selling it. Just sayin......

  • Definitely agree with that. I use erowid as there is plenty of people using it to try and get a buzz they report there.

  • Hi connie, I get Kratom from a very efficient UK website called Perfect Kratom. If you pay a bit more it arrives the next day. I'm sorry I haven't been able so far to make it work for me. Maybe I should mix it with something else such as Valerian. If I find the right method for me, I'll let you know.

  • Connie, watch out for this stuff. I told you where the tree grows and they get the leaves, is in Turkey. They outlawed it in the country where the tree grows, and the jury is still waaaaaaaay out on this. It is unregulated, you never know exactly what you are ordering off a web site, and it is kind of black market stuff, depending on what country you are in. But, from what I have read, and I have tried EVERYTHING, that is one thing I am steering away from. The side effects ( and you are the queen of side effects) have not been studied at all. approach this idea with MUCH caution. I am quite sure your medical doctor would not like this one bit, and no one regulates the web sites where you can order this stuff. Please do look it up and do extensive homework before you even think of this. I know certain people love it, and I am sure it does help them, but we know very little about this stuff, and it makes me kind of nervous, for ME. And, I can take almost anything, unlike you, my dear.

  • Connie have you tried Gabapentin..? You know every time you are taking the dopamine you then need the pain meds to get back of them.. You are in a never ending circle of augmentation then having to come off the dopamine.

  • hi Connie can you do a google search on side effects to see if it can cause your itchyness take care Alan x

  • Opiates/opioids can all cause itchiness iirc.

  • I'm exactly the same with Tramadol, been trying them for a few weeks for my rls but decided not to take them anymore as it makes me itch very bad, although they make my body feel relaxed they seem to keep my brain from switching off for sleep, have also tried Ropinrole with no success, feel like I will just have to live with rls and not much sleep.

  • I have read on this site that some try Targinact??

    Is this an alternative to Tramadol and does it contain opiates?

  • Yes Targinact is an opiate.

  • Ah!!!!


  • With an extra drug that means if you crush and inject it you wont get high!

  • thanks for your reply I have tried oxycodone & this does the same makes me itch terrible, I have literary tried everything just looks like I will have to put up with it

  • thanks I have tried literary everything possible I have tried taking Claritin (this is the only antihistamine you can take with RLS) I have augmentation trying to reduce my dopamine but whatever I take if its got codeine in it or similar (opiate) I cannot take because it makes me itch terrible,

  • The only doctors who have a clue are neurologists and some of them consider RLS just some minor annoyance, when it destroys the quality of life unless you get it under control.

    I went thru several doctors before I found one who had a clue. He first wanted to treat it as a sleep disorder and it is only to the extent that if we control the RLS we sleep like babies.

    Keep looking, a good doctor is out there.

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