hi everyone not been here for awhile been ill just want to know is there anything else apart from tramadol for pain only I am suffering with bad itching & my GP as told me that this is making it worst because this is one of the side effects of tramadol + sweating & last night I suffered, from all, I can describe it is muscle tremor's it was awful its as if all my body was seized up & I wanted to go mad I know that this is another side effect of tramadol

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  • Ask your doctor if you can try oramorph, its liquid morphine. Maybe would work better for you than the Tramadol, if its giving you problems.

  • thanks elisse but just read up on the side effects and its literary the same itching, sweating,constipation,muscle rigidity practically the same symptoms

  • all the opiods have the same side effect profile, all you can do is try them and find the one that doesn't affect you too bad. i had "no problem" on tramadol or codeine or oxycodone, but methadone made me itch and sweat like crazy, couldn't stand it, would scratch my legs til they bled.

  • going to see my neuro in a couple of weeks going to mention about tramadol it makes me itch sweats,(I think im in the menopause again) also it makes me constipated I already suffer with eczema so I am scratching like crazy

  • All opiates make people constipated, you have to either eat more fibre foods or take a mild laxative.

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