Hi still taking my magnesium with malic acid was great at first with pain and sleep but like all drugs for me they stop working or make things worst, Had to up co codamol and back to zopiclone to get some sleep but only use rarely. what I would like to know is how good tramadol is do you need to keep uping the dose I do not want to do this is there anyone out there who have been on it for years and still works. I wish there was a magic pill for all but RLS is cruel can think of other names but that would be swearing . take care x

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  • Hi Frances1 know how you feel, but I am past the point of hoping anything will work pain 24/7 even on strong medication, I'm so tired of trying & ckf is worsening can't have transplant because of heart problems ,dialysis is next step. ...osteoaritis is everywhere & almost impossible to walk or exercise & been anemic dosent help either ,sorry for the rant but I'm slowly giving up . Wish you luck in your journey to get help with your problems keep safe

    Peggy ❤️

  • Hi Peggy76,

    I'm sorry you are so unwell. You are going through the mill,

    I will keep you in my thoughts.

    J x

  • I know many people who have been on Tramadol for years and still doing well but I also know of many who had to up the dose or it stopped working Unfortunately that is the way with RLS it is all very individual, what works for one does not work for another, Trial and error and very often having keep changing meds x

  • Hi Frances- sorry to hear your experience. If you are taking Tramadol up to 200 twice a day ( long acting version) - then it probably isn't going to do it for you. It would be better to taper off and go for another weak opiate- such as oxycontin. However , there is so much hangup about prescribing weak opiates , that you may have difficulty getting it. Depends what jurisdiction you're in.

    The fact you're on Tramadol ( which is an opiate only slightly weaker than oxycontin) should strengthen your case.

    Everybody seems to react differently to all these medications- so it is very much a question of trial and error.

    Good luck in your quest. And watch what you're eating- loadsa triggers out there.😈 Cheers.

  • Hi Frances

    I am on 200mg of Tramulief which is an extended relief form of Tramadol. I also take 1800mg of Gabapentin. Whether either of them works I'm not sure as I almost always have pain in my legs and from 4.30 this morning they were all over the place. I take 1mg of clonazepam at night so usually get off to sleep. I saw my doc the other day and he is reluctant to change the meds--I want to try Targinact-as I am seeing my neurologist again in July. The doc did suggest a pain clinic and thought I would benefit from seeing a pain psychologist! Teach me to smile through my pain perhaps?

    I hope you find something that helps. What seems to work for one person doesn't necessarily help someone else.

  • Just to say "bless you all", and I am agnostic ! I too am having trouble at the moment and am trying neurofen painkillers for sciatic pain....does it help rls I wonder...still no regular sleep....

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