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Forum Rules - Reminder

Unfortunately we have to once again remind users of our forum rules. These rules apply to EVERYONE.

The administrators of the site are volunteers with normal everyday commitments such as work and families. We simply do not have the time to monitor all the posts and we only intervene if absolutely necessary. For example, we may delete posts if we feel individuals are being too personal or if there is unsuitable content such as someone trying to sell something. We try to keep the forum as a safe place for people to exchange information and support each other. We do not wish to be overly controlling and 'big brother like'. Naturally there will be differences of opinion on the site and we can't step in every time that happens. Therefore, there has to be some self regulation. We depend on you to act in a respectful manner towards each other.

Please can we ask that everyone remembers the following:

If there is conflict or a discussion between a small number of individuals, those affected should do everything they can to keep the disagreement between themselves and to work towards a solution. Very often the solution will simply be that you agree to disagree and do not engage with each other any further. Name-calling is not a solution. Posting your private messages on the forum is not a solution. If you wish to discuss a concern with a specific person, please message them privately and not in a public capacity. To send a message, click on the person’s icon image or their name and it will bring up their profile. Click on ‘send me a message’.

Posts should be of interest to the wider RLS forum rather than just individuals. Posts should never be used to 'have a go' at someone else. I have noticed a few people trying to circumnavigate the 'no names' rule by putting up statements which clearly are directed at particular individuals but which are often poorly disguised as something else. Please, let's stop this.

Please support each other and if someone expresses views you disagree with, please think carefully before you respond. We all have different views - we should all be allowed a voice, to express an opinion in a safe place where we won't be ridiculed. Goodness knows most of us have been ridiculed for years for having this condition so we should do our best to ensure this stops when it comes to the forum. However, we should also be ready to be challenged for what we write without feeling we are being attacked just because someone else has a different view. We are all here because we need the advice and support of other fellow sufferers.

We (the administrators) will help where necessary but please try to adhere to the rules of the HealthUnlocked forum, which can be summarised in just a few words... treat each other with respect.

Thank you all for your contributions and for helping each other. The forum is great and we get so much positive feedback from people who have been searching, sometimes for years, for help. Let's continue to build on this....

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I am not aware of these infractions  I hope I,m not guilty?


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