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New RLS-UK Forum

New RLS-UK Forum

RLS-UK have added a new forum to our website ( and strongly encourage you to join. Our intention in developing the new forum was to build one central resource for people living with RLS to find information about their condition but also to build a community of people, like you, who want to learn about RLS and share their experiences.

Unfortunately not many of you have joined the new forum and I once again ask that you consider doing so.

We will continue our relationship with HealthUnlocked and this forum will remain in place as long as it is required but we hope that our own forum, which we will also be promoting to medical specialists via a media campaign over the coming weeks, will provide additional value to you.

As you are aware, we are a small charity and our income in limited. We sometimes receive grants/ donations from organisations and these donations allow us to continue our important work. These donations/ grants are often provided based on our popularity and the number of members/ followers we have.

So the choice is quite simple - If you join our new forum, our donations/ grants may increase as our numbers will be greater. If you don't, our potential is reduced and so too is our ability to increase awareness of RLS and to help people like you.

Please take a few moments to join our new forum. Please ask questions. Please answer other people's questions. Please help us to help you.

Thank you for your support


Chair, RLS-UK

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I figured out how to join the new forum! Woo Hoo! ;)


Nightdancer, thank you for joining us at the new forum. We would appreciate if you could use your knowledge to answer questions there and support others who may want to move.

We are hoping to turn our website into a central hub for RLS learning and education but we need people to join us there to achieve this.

Our forum is free to use but we need people to join it so we can approach organisations for donations as it shows the forum is needed!

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Ok then tell us all how then

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Please can you clarify your question?


Yes I tried but could not see how you joined and don't want to be on Facebook That seems to be the worry with most I think


There are numerous ways you can join the new forum. Facebook is just one of them. Please visit the forum at and you will be able to see all of the options available...

Thank you


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