Restless Legs Syndrome
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Tens machine

I wonder whether anyone has used a tens machine and if so how useful has it been. I get a lot of pain in my legs and even with 900mg of Gabapentin plus 150mg of Tramadol the pain persists. ed the machine last night with two pads on my yhigh muscle where the pain was worse. To my surprise the pain lessened and after twenty minutes after I took the pads off the pain did not return! I will certainly try again but wonder whether there may be any pitfalls.

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I have found it useful for pain but not for RLS, in fact it really annoyed my legs x


Thanks Pippins. It did help the paint he night before last but it did nothing for me last night when the sensation was altogether different


I  tried it in desperation two nights  ago and it had no effect on the restless legs . It does work well for my back pain- but a cold pad works just as well for that.

I find the only med that works for an ' out of hours' attack is oxynorm 5- it will give relief  for 4hours and kicks in fairly quickly. Good luck, Martino.' Have you changed your  meds  recently? 



I haven't heard of oxynorm 5 and will research this. I am seeing my GP in a couple of weeks to review the meds. Since January I have been using a 1mg Neupro patch but also used 200mg of Tramadol. The patch was not working too well so the neuro suggested augmenting it with Gabapentin and I am now on a daily dose of 900mg. If the patch is ineffective then the neuro wants me to titrate the Gabapentin up. Failing that she suggested levodopa which I want to avoid like the plague. At the moment I think I am okish. I have always taken some clonazepam at night and have just put this back up to 1.5mg. Two nights now I have slept 5 hours!


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