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Please read this if you have RLS

Hi All,

As many of you are aware, we (RLS-UK) wrote to hundreds of newspapers over the last few weeks to see if they would run articles on RLS. Quite a few came back. However, the number of people who have come forward as volunteers is low so we will not be able to feature in all of the newspapers who agreed to run an article. We expect an article in the Birmingham Mail next week, possibly Wednesday (thank you to the volunteer), and another possibly lined up for the Manchester area (two names have been out forward for this one).

So, a last attempt to see if any of you live in any of the following areas and if you would be willing to take part in a local newspaper story...

Areas we still needs volunteers for are:

1. East Sussex or West Kent

2. Bradford

3. Leicester / Leicestershire

4. Leamington, Warwick or Kenilworth area of Warwickshire (or closeby)

5. Borehamwood, Elstree, Radlett or Aldenham area of Hertfordshire (or closeby)

6. Moray area or North East Scotland

Please contact me if you would be interested in taking part.



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TUT TUT.... Cheeky. lol.

I wish i did Daragh, but i dont live remotely anywhere near any of those area's,

I am sorry to hear though that the response has been poor.

Maybe next time, if there is a next time. You could ask us where we live and if any one would do their story, then contact papers in the area's of members who put themselves forward.... Just a thought.

Seems such a waste of all your time and effort contacting all those papers, and you didnt get the feed back from people on here.


Oh....!! now you have changed the title of your blog... LOL.


Your a sneaky beast !! .

My area is covered so guess i have to wait until next time, but im with Elisse on this, its not a very good response from us after all your work .


Daragh's first title for his blog said. RLS CURE. to get our attention, hence my comment... :P


yes i saw it, hence my sneaky beast comment :P


I thought you had seen it too. but if no one else did, they might think i had gone a bit nutty...!! :D


what do you mean think.....:P


Some days my admittance to nutty is very :(


So sorry I can't help daragh ...I really would love to..but I am nowhere near any of those areas. COME ON PEOPLE ....IF YOU LIVE IN THOSE AREAS...HELP US OUT AND GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS!!!! If you are worried about the publicity aspect I'm sure the newspaper would use a fake name. I know that would bother some people.

Reply live near Sittingbourne (East Kent) but work in Maidstone (Central Kent). Any use?


Hi Tpebop

If you're happy to, please could you send me ( your contact details (name, address, phone, email) and I can pass them to the newspaper for consideration. Many thanks for your kind offer.



On their way...


Thank you so much for the hard work that you do.

I sincerely appreciate it.

I live in the USA.


Sorry I would have been very happy to have done this but I live no where near these places!


I hope i am not too late for this, I live in Keith, MORAY and would like to be contacted about the study.... i did send a email but as its a Hotmail address i use i hope it did not go into the junk folder of the recipient.

Please could someone get in touch with me!


Sorry, I cannot help. I don't live in any of your areas.


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