can anyone tell me can I take clonazepam with repinarole only I was on the patch but its stopped working along side half of clonazepam what I took in the evenings, so, last night after two nights running I took 2 repinarole 0.25mg & took the patch of eventually my legs settled down but because I had to much dopamine in my system I couldn't sleep (to much dopamine causes insomnia) I am so very tired I have to have at least 6hrs sleep but for the last 2/3wks I have not been sleeping well been to see my GP he gave me some zopaclone (Sleeping pills) but they never touch me 7.50mg as well. The clonazepam half of one used to work wonders but for some reason the last 2 nights its been awful my legs have been all over the place, if I take a whole clonazepam I am like a zombie the next day, that's why my GP told me to only take half.

I would love to have a drug holiday but I am allergic to opiates, tramadol used to work a treat but it caused me to itch very badly took clarityn but my GP said it was the opiate drug I was allergic to, any advice would be appreciated. THANKS AGAIN & I WISH EVERYONE A PEACEFULL RLS XMAS

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  • Happy Christmas to you too Connie. Sorry to hear you are still struggling. I am fortunately going through a good patch at the moment with Tramadol but as we all know things change. I was also lucky with Zoplicone. They didn't knock me out and didn't help my legs but they did help me sleep a little. Don't think they can be taken with Tramdol though. Might it be worth feeling like a zombie to at least get some sleep just once in a while? Good luck with whatever you do and I hope you find some peace xx

  • the zombie feeling is horrible you don't no if your on this earth or not all I want is to no is if I can take clonazepam (just half to make me sleep)with repinarole.

  • Connie, yes you can take Ropinerole with Clonazepam , I have had them both prescribed at the same time .Happy Christmas x

  • thanks for that going to take a repinarole know my leg is driving me mad

  • From personal experience .5 Ropinirole is the minimum during the day but I must have at least 1mg at night for a good sleep. I have been told I can go as high as 2mg.

    Wish you and all RLS sufferers A Happy and twitch free Christmas.

  • hi I don't need to take anything during the day its only at night when I go to bed do my legs start last night I didn't fall asleep till about 3.0 this morning

  • Connie 50 it make you wonder if ever you will get peace,it a shame about the Tramodol they made me itch but stuck it out for two weeks all going fine ever since

  • hi beady3. the tramadol was brilliant for me apart from the itching I put up with it for about a month & it was keeping me awake all night, was doing nothing but scratch all-over, so my GP told me to take clarityn which I did for another couple of MThs but made no difference, eventually my GP told me I was allergic to opiates, he said some people are, so he took me of them, I know its time for me to have a drug holiday soon,(I am suffering with augmentation)& the only thing I can take for the pain is tramadol I have tried codine,oxycodone,but they are all opiate drugs, so no matter what I take I think I will be itching all night long, if you know of any drugs that wont make me itch I will try it, no matter what I know you swear by tramadol I have followed your stories on this forum. take care stay in touch

  • Some pharmacy strains of weed work great can't get them in this country but you can

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