RLS and Iron Levels

Hi, l thought by this time l would know if l needed iron supplements or not,. l have been to my GP and she agreed to me having a blood test, l got an appointment and it was for a month later (earliest appt they had!!) l had it done and waited for a week for the results, well they checked for everything else but ferratin levels. New appt for this morning and guess what 'come back tomorrow we can't do it today'. l am so angry at them.

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  • I know how you feel, I've had problems with Drs too. They don't make things easy do they?

    Hopefully this time you'll get the test and the RLS will be due to low Iron and easily rectified.

  • I am on 1 small dose of iron now as my levels were not considered to be to low but I have felt a lot better. My legs have settled down a bit. If they start twitching or jumping I remembered another post where she said she curled up in the foetal position and stretched her back for a few minutes, I tried it and I find it does help me. How long my symtoms stay relatively calm is anyone's guess but at the moment I feel quite good. Hooray!

    I wish it would help everyone with RLS.

  • Congratulations, I'm delighted for you. Long may it last.

  • I think asking for a print out of test results may be the way forward. I was told my iron was ok but no mention of ferritin levels and at the time I didnt know to ask. I do think taking 200mg iron supplement with 1/2 fizzy vit C helps me (taken on an empty stomach if poss an hour before bed). Visiting GP again on 27th and will see if I can get copy of results of results of recent blood tests. I have pain in feet and ankles, worse in evening and night, with nodules on toe joints. GP agreed it was rheumatroid aethritis. Blood tests are negative. I think the agitation i had with rls is calming but the pain is increasing. I also 'wring' my feet constantly, the way you would wring your hands. Do other sufferers do this too? Hope you get help to reward your patience!

  • Re nodules on toe joints have you consideredgoutas this can cause nodules called to phi on feet and hands?

  • KnitKnax58, I have a specialist whose only practice is sleep disorders and RLS and he doesn't ever check Iron levels. I have read about venal infusions and I brought it up with him and his friend who is in Internal Med. practice and both poo pahed the article and never ran the special test or made any attempt to infuse me with ferratin.

    I took Iron suppliments in large quantities and saw no change in the RLS symptoms. I am resigned to a life of one Dopamine agonist or another and supplimented with gabapentin. It is not perfect but as good as I can get.


  • I have Primary RLS, the genetic type, inherited from my father. My ferritin level done recently was 103, so i know that isnt the reason i have RLS. The researchers needs to do more research on the genes.

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