How desperate?

I was told by a friend that I should put a bar of soap in my bed as it cures RLS. I was quite annoyed by them telling me I was being defeatest in not jumping at this suggestion.

Now I know lots of things work for different people see link:

but how in the hell - other than placebo can this help? I know "there are no atheists in fox holes" but come on this is taking things too far, what do you think?

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  • raffs, the soap in the bed thing has been around for years and years. If anyone says they put soap in their bed and sleep all night, then they are getting a placebo affect. There is no scientific reason how soap can RLS. Just as many other gadgets that people try out, like copper bracelets. I know some people swear by using the bar of soap. I HAVE tried it a few years ago now, just because everyone seem to be, it did nothing for my RLS. So, you could just stick that bar of soap under your sheet tonight, just so you can tell your friend, you tried it and as you thought, it didnt work. Also i hate that word "cure" for RLS. There is no cure. Just treatments. So, tell your friend whatever people try, it might help but no cure yet.

  • God I hate it when people suggest the insane but cannot explain - I asked my friend what sort of soap should it be aromatherapy, lemony, sensitive to skin, etc to try and get them to look at what they were saying but no just use soap it will work!!!

    I figure if I put 5 or 6 bars into a pillow case and get my Mrs to beat me unconscious with it it soap might work but I think my good lady wife would enjoy that a wee bit too much :)

  • don't think a bar of soap is going to do anything....soap comes in many different forms...lavender goat milk etc. I do know that if you put an onion in a room with a person who has a cold it is supposed to turn black over night. never tried it. What I do know that works is rubbing Vicks on the soles of the feet. Might not work for everyone but one lady I know does this for RLS. I have done it for decades for colds and it is an very old remedy...Hope it helps.If not try lavender oil in foot soaks and massages.

  • There was a thread on here 8 months ago with 29 replies. Can only be a placebo effect to my way of thinking. Good luck to those that say it works for them. I even tried it in desperation and the first time it worked and the second not. Placebo effect/ would have slept anyway. Did not bother again. There was no expense in this experiment. We have soap in the house anyway. ;)

  • I wonder if I poured liquid soap over my feet would it work quicker :p

  • I think i would have laughed at them and i am usually open minded regarding alternative therapies.

  • I tried this ages ago. Made no difference.

  • So did you use any of the top 50 brands?

    I'm away out to stand in a potato field at 1.34 pm and 52 seconds with a tin foil hat and a banana. Then I will super glue 15 cabbages to me while I stuff every orifice with nuts and seeds.

    This will make me primed with magnesium and a bolt of lightening to the tin foil hat should imprint the magnesium into mu legs and cure me of restlesslegs.

    I have already prepared a pool of liquid soap and quinine to wait in so fingers crossed I'll sleep tonight !!!!!

  • Go for it..!! I will check back on here tomorrow for the results. Just remember to take a warm coat and umbrella with you, it can get very cold and wet out on them fields. :D :)

  • My doctor actually suggested the bar of soap thing. I just stared at her. And people wonder why we kratom-users dare to use a medication not approved by doctors and the FDA. Is soap on the FDA list of approved RLS drugs?

  • I think, although not sure, no jury in the land would convict you for slapping a Dr that came out with that nonsense.

  • WOW, if any doctor told me to use soap, he/she would be injured badly and I would end up in jail after I reported to them to the American Medical Association. The soap theory is the bane of my existence as an RLS group leader, and it has been around forever. Any doctor who seriously suggests that should be stripped of their medical license!! Good Grief!!! I am used to it making the cycle around RLS groups, but NOT EVER from a doctor. That doctor is a "DUH" -Deliberately Uniformed Human, to put it the nicest possible way, and not what I am actually thinking because we do not use that kind of language on this forum. LOL (still shaking my head!)

  • Well good morning everyone - happy to report my experiment a success - yes I know its a bit of a surprise but I did alter my plans slightly.

    After two hours in the field there was no lightening so I went to the local tavern in the depths of despair, ordered two bottles of whiskey, necked them then next thing I know its morning.

    Amazing to think those few cabbages manage to give me a solid nights sleep. In saying this I am not feeling the benefit of the sleep nor really feeling anything below my eyebrows and everything above that is screaming in agony but as I am sure you will all be gluing the cabbages to yourselves and getting relief from the RLS it was well worth my time.

    Now if you'll excuse me there are two burly policemen at the door quizzing my Mrs on a stolen bus in my front garden, they are saying its covered in " seed vomit" and tin foil sounds interesting I wonder what that's about?

    Take care

  • Hmmmm, hope that hangover subsides soon. :)

  • So I am having a bit of trouble with RLS at the moment... I have just managed to get over a codeine painkiller addiction of 3 years. The first week was hell !!!! But with the help of my wife (and several IV drips in Chinese hospital... I live in Beijing) I managed to get through it. The only withdrawal I am suffering from now after 10 days of not taking painkillers (I was taking 20-30 a day!) is I am experiencing some RLS. Just in the evenings really now. I just want the thank Raffs, you posts made me and my wife laugh SO much that my focus has completely been taken away from the RLS!!! Raffs, YOU are the cure for RLS, you are a beautiful human being :)

  • bejingjohn you lift my heart!

    I love to make people happy, unfortunately its not always easy for me to do as the RLS&ME has me a bit of a misery guts a lot of the time, but "You'll have to pry my sense of humour from my cold dead hands!"

    In the darkest depths there is always a sliver of light even if you can't see it its there and for me when I am getting it tough a laugh is as good as any drug.


    Ài yǔ hépíng wèi nǐ hé nǐ de

    Hope that makes sense!

  • Oh I forgot - Congratulations on beating the addiction. Addiction is a place many with our complaints end up and understandably so! May your journey into, through and beyond recovery be filled with peace in your head, heart and legs.

  • Raffs, thank you so much for your kind words again. I am back at work for the first time after going 'cold turkey' a few weeks ago. I am a different person, I am not angry with life anymore! I know the road ahead for addiction recovery is long and hard, I quit a 5 year cocaine addiction last year and have not looked back since. For the withdraws etc and mental stuff I have been doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is from German New Medicine. Its really powerful stuff!

    I had Skype consultations with a guy called Bill Tucker, he does EFT with people. He managed to help get me off the coke, off the painkillers and feel some self worth again. He was an alcoholic of over 20 years, heroin junkie etc, did prison time etc and now does healing with people for mental and physical symptoms.

    I think your answer lies in German new medicine (Dr. Hammer). German new medicine says that every physical symptom (like RLS) is a result of past trauma. So if you resolve the past traumas with tools such as EFT then the physical symptoms a released! It worked for me! I resolved my past traumas and my addictions dropped away! Unbelievable! His website is:

    Here are all his contact details:

    07598 288 446 (UK)

    Twitter "@HealPastTraumas"

    Skype "eftandmatrix"

    I give you this information with great love xxx

    Please forgive me if you already know this stuff, I just want to give you back what you gave me last night by making me laugh so much that I could sleep through my withdrawal symptoms.

    Watch this video:

    Its about half way down the page.

  • EFT is AMAZING - my friend does it and as a dyed in the wool sceptic I didn't believe this would work. I had an incident where my life was in danger and it left me very shaken - one short blast of EFT and it was gone! In less than 5 mins a troubling incident which used to invade my thoughts was gone if I had not experienced it I would not believe it - I still find it hard to believe that something like that could have such an amazing effect.

    Glad things are going the right way - long may it last.

  • Oh boy! This is so cool! I am so damn excited talking to you! Woo hoo! So why not get someone like Bill Tucker to take a real good luck at your RLS stuff and see if he can resolve some of it with EFT?? I am just curious, I hope you don't think I am being cheeky! I am a cheeky monkey most the time! I am pretty young, but my addictions stuff has taught me so much about life...

  • If you can't be cheeky on-line then when can you be?

    I have never tried it as I believe that EFT works on thinking -doesn't matter if I think or not my legs do what they do, (and my back and arms!).

    I would never have considered EFT for a physical complaint - need to chat to my mate. Thanks for that.

  • EFT fixed my back pain! I injured my back when I was 18 working for a removal company. Bill Tucker, my EFT teacher fixed it in just 2 sessions! Dude, listen to the cheeky little monkey in China, get on the the EFT for you physical stuff, you will be amazed!!!! Watch this video, it talks about how EFT can resolve physical stuff too:

    The video is embedded about half way down that particular webpage on Bills site.

    DUDE! One of the opening lines of the video is about how EFT cured someones MS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please watch it, I am begging you now! Don't make me get down on my knees!

    I love you xxxxxxx

  • Raffs!

    I had a session with Bill Tucker last night (EFT). I asked him about RLS and he said that its all to do with 'Stuck' or 'Feeling Stuck' or 'not being able to run or walk away' conflict trauma. We went through all the times in my life when I have felt stuck and did EFT to resolve those traumas and I slept like a dead baby last night! The RLS he said is because you want to move (with your legs) to run away but your can't. Its all about unresolved trauma from your life...

    Love and Cuddles,


  • Thanks for that, in my case tha could be true. I wonder how. Many of us with this problem could say the same. Maybe you have hit on something and we could work with it.. I think I might try that and maybe even hypnosis. I have suffered with nerve problems all my life, could this be the answer?

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