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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restoril / temazepam

So, the dr thinks the oxycodone is giving me central sleep apnea and that's why I'm so exhausted all day. She wants me to give up the oxy and take restoril before bed instead. Anyone have any experience with it? Number 1, I highly doubt it will help my symptoms and number 2, it will probably cause csa as well! :(

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Well, temazepam is a sleeping med. That would only work, if it lets you sleep through the RLS symptoms. Otherwise you would just be very sleepy AND still have RLS symptoms.


Ugh... that reminds me of my "brilliant" idea a few weeks ago. I thought "oh, maybe I can just take Advil PM and it will knock me out, then I can sleep through my RLS and not have to take anything for it"... fast forward to 1 am, woken up by my rls symptoms, but too exhausted to get out of bed and do anything about it, it was awful... luckily, I had an old oxy in my nightstand next to the bed


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