Restless Legs Syndrome
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Do I have RLS? Can RLS cause pain and swelling of the ankles and wrists?? Is RLS inherited?

The last couple of days I have had weird symptoms so thought I would check it out on the NHS website which directed me to this site. Today my ankle has been throbbing like mad since 14:30 (it is not 20:45) and last might just before bed my arms and legs felt all fuzzy and numb. Also recently, a few times I have kicked in my sleep causing me to pull a muscle and be in excruciating pain. do you think I have RLS? I also ask if it is inherited as my Dad has had awful, painful swelling in in ankles and wrists on a number of different occasions, so bad that he can hardly walk. The doctors haven't got a clue what it is! Would be grateful to anyone that can share their knowledge for my Dad and I.

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Do you have the criteria which diagnoses RLS. its on here somewhere i will see if i can find it and post it for you, to give you a clearer understanding of what RLS is to have. RLS can be inherited but the swelling doesnt sound like RLS to me, but someone on here may have those symptoms. Kicking in your sleep is known as PLMD so maybe you have that. Will find some info on that too.


I think that the disease can mock other diseases..In all of the

reading that I did, .swollen ankles are not associated with RLS.

There is such a thing in the Rheumatoid world that swollen ankles

are a result of inflammation...that's a big problem for those

people that do have it.

Get your feet up above your heart by propping them up on

walls or the chair rest..The fluid will drain out of that area.

Elisse has said my thoughts exactly...Take care.


This is the criteria for RLS.


This explains PLMD which happens while asleep. You can have both RLS and PLMD or just one or the other.


I hope the two links i have posted helps you... :)


Hi Elisse,

That is very helpful of you thank you. All those things do sounds like me for RLS and PLMD I twitch a lot when I am falling asleep and I often wake up in the night.

This raises another question for RLS... every since childhood I have had the need to shake my foot or bounce my knee up and down. It is very noticeable about people at work have commented asking if I have something wrong with me. Does anyone else with RLS do this?


Sure's a coping mechanism. It works pretty well.

Sometimes a weighted object helps it stop completely

It keeps me awake and makes my attitude suffer the

next day with the lack of sleep. .


Hi Yikes, are you saying the shaking foot and bouncing knee is a coping mechanism?


It is for me and some's a way to do something to keep the

legs moving during meetings or anytime that we have to sit for

very long. It helps and sure beats keeping our feet still..we can get

away with it without people noticing that we have rls..Just like you,

I'm sure that you would go nuts if your legs had to remain still..that's

why I call it a coping mechanism..and not everyone who does that

has RLS but certainly some do. =)


Dad doesn't sound like he falls in the category of RLS according to the

information that Elisse gave to you..On the other hand, you are doing things

that a person with PLMD would judgement would be yes but you need

to see a doctor to be sure of it. Pulling a muscle during sleep because you

kicked so hard? That's about as severe as it gets, I would think. Usually the

bed partner knows that their partner has PLMD..after they get woken with

a kick or find the person is moving their legs as if they are marching, running

or jumping all over the place. The good news for you is that there are some good

medications available to help you out so you can get good sleep and your legs

can stay relaxed. I can't say that your arms feeling that way is RLS..I can't even

guess about that one..or swollen ankles..there are so many causes of both.

I strongly urge that both you and dad see the GP and more so, A specialist to

get a correct diagnosis as soon as possible..Good Luck and keep us informed.

Karen (Yikes)


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