Restless Legs Syndrome

Bupropion(Buspar) & RLS

Are there any out 'There' who have tried Buspar as either an antidepressant or treatment for RLS. I was hit by a bus in 2004, I have mild PTSD. I say mild because my recurrent nightmares are often humorous but still terrifying. I have 'Can't Escape' dreams, terrifying because running away from a nameless terror is well ...they keep my heart pounding .... RLS is running in place from what!? My dreams are as said creatively humorous, But they repeat, and repeat.

I've taken Sertraline, Zoloft since being whacked by bus 54 in 2004.

Long shortened is anyone using Bupropion(Buspar) as an anti depressant. If so, what has been your experience with the drug? RLS improved, worsened? Depression improved worsened?

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I think bus par is a question mark. Trazadone which is an antidepressant at higher doses is anti anxiety at lower doses and maybe a sleep aid. People on here have indicated that it does not worsen their rls.


Are you on Buspar or Bupropion? Buspar is primarily used to treat anxiety. Bupropion is Welbutrin and generally a safer antidepressant for folks with RLS. I took Buspar briefly years ago and was pulled off pretty quickly due to some muscle twitching. Haven't read anything about Buspars potential to exacerbate RLS. Sorry. BTW Welbutrin can cause strange dreams. And has anyone suggested that you check into EMDR, TF-CBT, or DBT therapy for the PTSD. These are all well-researched evidence based treatments for PTSD. A lot of practitioners with good intentions rush straight to an SSRI when there are better treatments for trauma available.


I'd forgotten the side-effect of muscle twitching That would make it contraindicated for RLS I suspect. I'm hunting, tweaking, and reading. I'm going to get an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card This week, and continue on with Acupuncture, join a neighborhood weight room Jan 1, then see what changes happen. Meds are a dead-end to me. I have Trazadone that I use as a sleeper. I couldn't get Amitriptyline timed right so that It wasn't knocking me on my butt. I tried Quinine tablets, Gabapentin gave me Parkinson's tremors. Requip paralyzed me, an excessive way to stop RLS, I thought.

Like all of us I'd really like to find something. There's a huge amount of stress in my life right now, my left leg kicked/spasmed so hard last night into the underside of my 1" formica desktop, that there's a pool of blood on my chair mat this morning. Gruesome, but all to normal. Finding my solution is a priority. I'll do as we all are hope and read everything I can. When one of us finds The Answer.......

I'm caregiverless today, and That is my Priority. finding a Caregiver that wasn't Psychotic, would be a Gift. Pardon me while I hum a few bars of Mercedes Benz by Janis Take Care All


I went thru the hoops in Az and got a medical medical marijuana card and tried ingesting it in Brownies for two months around 7pm. It made me a dull or duller as my wife says, person and the leg movement and sleep deprivation was no better. I dropped the whole idea after spending about $500.00 at one doctor or another. You are like the rest of us with RLS---try anything hoping for the silver bullet. I am sure by now there isn't one. You can get where it is manageable and that is about as good as it ever gets.



I know..hunting for The Answer. Kicking, dancing involuntarily would be, I hope, better stoned. I'm not married and live alone. When my girlfriend and I were living together we danced all night . She has RLS, too


While it does not worsen RLS, it is not a "treatment" for RLS. I am speaking of the Wellbutrin. It is in a class by itself, so is not an SSRI or tricyclic.


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