Three Weeks of RLS

This is the longest, nearly non stop 24/7 RLSing minus a few hours of much deserved unconsciousness that I have experienced so far, since they started after 9/1/2004 when I was hit by a bus. I won't repeat that story. I'm posting to read back if sessions like this one are a normal, regular, standard occurrence according to You All. I will start Morphine this Thursday to see if that will once again quiet things down.

I my reading at night, during the day Medline Medscape Every where for ideas. My leg bones hurt, every muscle in my body hurts. Norco 10/325 QID aren't touching the Pain. Please Post Anyone who has had a 'Session' of this intensity and how you stopped it.

Cognac, Jack Daniels, 151 Rum & what? I feel like I can't take any more but life's not that simple. Things have been very tense and stressful

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  • The only thing that helped my 24/7 RLS is morphine and after several years of living hell I finally got an infusion pump with intrathekal morphine. It gives me 100% release on just 0,01 mg.

  • Swedish,

    Thank you. I'll be starting Morphine ER 30mg BID, the TID, if that's what it takes. Intrathecal is more than I want, right now, but y'a know, whatever it takes. As you're familiar with, this is Hell

  • Hi BBGuest, usually when RLS is not stop, its down to either you are taking something, a med of some sort which is making things worse, or the med you are taking for RLS has stopped working. I dont think you are taking any of the DA's. as they are reknown to cause such intense RLS when augmentation sets in. I can only hope for you that the morphine will calm it all down.

  • I was told that my 24/7 problems was due to augmentation and/or rebounding so I was out of all medications, both very low dose of pramipexole and fentanyl pafs, for a couple of days. It was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my 60 years. But it convinced me and my pain doctor that my RLS had reached that severe level that I needed extra support as a morphine pump.

  • A morphine pump may be the best compromise I can make with my Morphine Leary Primary Care Doctor. I dom't like the idea of something foreign inside my body forever, especially implanted next to my spine, but whatever works...

  • For me it was a choice between life or dead. It works 100%. Low dose no side effects. Normal life.

  • Pramipexole lost its effectiveness on the bedpost a long time ago to poorly quote an early 60's song

    It stopped being effective when Sister Morphine was removed after I had a reaction to a new seizure medication My wise understanding doctor, Emily, will restart it Thursday. I hope. Oregon's got legalized cannabis starting July 1, If morphine hasn't worked by then. Tincture of Cannabis will. Pot is most effective medically, for most people, when ingested. I quit smoking 18 years ago, and won't smoke anything again

  • Gosh, my heart is with you, been there and its an awful place. Good news is morphine did it for me, side effects for me are a real pain in the a**se!!!


    Bob M

  • BobM, I eat a very high fiber diet. Pain meds don't phase my gut, what goes in, goes out. I began eating like this before Pain became an issue, cereal grain(s) at breakfast, whole or multi grains and fruit n' vegetables during the day, Quinoa and long grain brown rice with veggies, and white meat chicken, plus Tempeh and Tofu at night..Delicious. Pain Meds don't stand a chance

  • OK, you saying I should try this?

  • Yes, You are What You Eat, Join the healthunlocked forum on cooking

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