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PLMD leg ache

I'm new to the conscious experience of PLMD so this might seem to be a somewhat naive question. During the day I have a dull ache as if from strenuous exercise, mainly in the right thigh but sometimes in both legs. Since my PLMD focuses mainly on my right leg I assume that this is in reaction to the muscle strain caused. So far Clonazepam is looking after my sleep patterns so I'm largely unaware of most of the convulsions. But I do experience it on waking briefly & am surprised at the force of the muscular activity involved. Do others have similar experiences after a night of PLMD?


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Hi Dick, I have PLMD and RLS.As I am asleep when I have PLMD I can only go by my husbands observations! He says I kick out enough to hurt for about 6 kicks then stop for about 30 seconds then start again.This I repeat about 8 times then it settkes down until I rev up again.I suppose if I kick out enough to hurt there must be some force behind it! After a bad night of it my legs can ache the next day and I think it may be responsible for some of my knee pain.


I experience the same thing. My thighs feel like i had a long walk uphill. I have PLMD, not RLS.


do i ever. constant ache in my calves and arms as well.


i was told that if you have plmd you will also have restless legs.


steverobinson, you can have either PLMD or RLS, or both. Having PLMD does not mean you will also have RLS.


Thanks for the responses, folks, and apologies for so tardy an acknowledgement of them. My problem being PLMD rather than RLS, I'd drifted away from this forum somewhat.

Now clonazepam has ceased to look after my nightly PLMs & although I can generally walk them off, having to march around the house three times a night is doing little for my sleep hygiene! There are two questions I have now:

1. What remedies, pharmaceutical & alternative, would fellow sufferers recommend?

2. The conventional wisdom is that PLMD occurs below the level of consciousness & therefore the sufferer only becomes aware of its operations because either a.) they're tired during the day & a sleep study reveals what's going on, or b.) their partner complains of being woken up, either by the sufferer's movements or by being kicked! But how many of you stay awake & fully conscious of the leg convulsions after they've woken you up in the first place? Mine wake me up & then will continue until I've got out of bed & walked them away.

I'll be much quicker to respond to any replies this time!


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