I was recently talking to someone who suffered severely from PLMD. I was diagnosed with this after a sleep study 7/8 years ago, but it never bothered me. The ex complained often. As I now sleep alone (kind of) I was wondering if I still had it.

Then I realised 'something' was moving around between my feet. My 8 week old kitten, Billy (short for Silly Billy) sleeps between my feet, every night, under the covers.

So .... doubt he'd stay there if PLMD was still active. Have no idea why. Maybe the Sifrol is working it's magic in controlling the PLMD as well as my RLS.

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  • Hi Phogan, This was a great post..Probably you don't have PLMD because otherwise Silly Billy would let you know. Cats don't put up with ANYTHING that disturbs their sleep.LOL (I am a cat lady from way back!.) Also, your post reminded me of that old rhetorical question: If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make noise when it falls? LOL again. Take care. Burma

  • I definitely have PLMD and my cat moved away from me and settled on a place above my shpulders on the opposite side of my queen-sized bed. I also think you must not have PLMD or the kitten would not sleep between your legs.

  • Sifrol is used for RLS and PLMD. So you would still have it, but its under control with the sifrol.

  • Well I'll be damned. 😞

  • Hi Phogan, The moral here is CATS KNOW! LOL Take care, burmag

  • I'll have to try Sifrol.

  • Hi AAustin98. I'm having difficulty in replying thru this avenue ... so if you don't mind I am going to reply to you thru the normal 'Write a Post'.

    I will use the header


    Sorry to have to do this but it seems to be out of my control.

  • Phogan why are you having trouble replying to Austin or anyone, you just did. !! lol You dont HAVE to click on the reply button, just type your reply under the comment. :) Just like you have done here, and i have done to your comment.

  • Thanks, Elisse, I'm still learning how to technically navigate this forum. (NOT an computer genius-grateful for any tips.) Take care, Burma (burmag)

  • Where is the boundary between PLMW (awake) and RLS? I know I have PLMS (sleeping) because i am told most mornings how severe it was. But awake, I have the need to move my legs which I do almost incessantly also my legs jerk without my help to fill in the gaps! Is that the PLMW?

  • Great question!! Sorry, don't have the answer. Just great question!!

  • what is PMLD

  • PLMD is the term used in the States and is short for Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. The disorder consists of unconcious leg movements at night. (You might also hear this referred to as PLMS, which is the term used in Europe and stands for Periodic Limb Movement During Sleep).

    PLMW is Periodic Limb Movement During Wakefulness.

  • thank you so much Jess 3648 for your concise explaination, so RLS would not be classed in these categories, as i cannot sleep during an RLS episode, would this be correct

  • Correct👍

    This link expains the different between the two disorders:

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