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Solutions for RSL. All natural and easily available. I hope this helps you all or at least someone!


Kratom. For the love of God and all that is holy, Kratom has been the ONLY cure for my RLS that crippled me for years. I literally thought I had Parkinson's the desire for movement/restlessness was so high. Nothing worked. Then I came across Kratom...a natural product from Indonesia that you drink in the form of a tea daily. 5 cups of tea throughout the day and I have been drug and pain free with full nights sleeps for 2 years now. I've held off posting until this date as it's been two years officially today and so I am going to begin spreading word of this wonderful plant for the treatment of RLS. Don't believe all the hype you read of it being dangerous and is NOT TRUE! There have been many studies and I can pass them to you. The pharma companies out there want this plant banned at it is so good at the jobs it does. It's main use is as a Painkiller stronger and safer than morphine/oxy/Percocet without the danger of overdose or addiction. Secondly it will cure diarrhea in one dose. Third, it is anti microbial and bacterial and the fourth and best use I've discovered over the last two years is a cure for RLS. Now, it will also replace your daily antihistamine for the sniffles and itchy nose and eyes as well as help anyone who may have an addiction problem with pain pills (as mentioned above). Buy some online I don't care who from just try it. You'll be blessed and pleased you did. And no pills or chemicals. An all natural cure in a few cups a tea a day. I am totally happy to help anyone who is interested and no, I will not make any money off it though I am involved heavily now in the study of this plant through one of my businesses. I'm just trying to be transparent. I can't say it will work for everyone but, out of my friends who have restless legs, I gave it to 5 of them and it worked on ALL of of luck everyone. Cheers

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By the way, I should mention that I had a full physical prior to starting my experiment and I am actually in better health now than when I started. The Kratom helped me stop drinking completely which led to quitting smoking after 15 years which led to a start in swimming and now climbing as well as riding. All 7 days a week I am active. Part of this was the change in lifestyle that Kratom offered by replacing alcohol at night (which I used to self medicate the legs and arms restlessness). I cannot speak highly enough and my dr has introduced me to a group that actually wants to study me, the results and most importantly the plant. Please yourself a favour and give Kratom a try. I will offer any help or guidance I can

Cheltena in reply to Vince123

What exactly is Kratom? Is it a plant like cannibis?

jan_ET in reply to Vince123

omg how do you het it jan

nathanwilde in reply to jan_ET

Hey Jan.

This thread is quite old, there's quite a lot of research coming out about Kratom. The general consensus is that it is infact addictive and potentially dangerous. It was banned in the UK in 2017.

That being said compared to other prescription meds it doesn't seem so bad.

Have a good look into it first is all I'm saying :)

It tastes absolutely disgusting though! Be warned! ;)

Good luck.

Thanks will try

Talk to your doctor first.

Doctor is only Interested in prescribing drugs, but will ask him about it. I am desperate

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Hi magic, have you tried any prescription drugs at all to try and get some relief from restless legs?

Magictommyboy in reply to Hidden

Yes, Gabapentin, and Paroven

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Not heard of Paroven to treat restless legs but my GP mentioned it to me as I have fluid retention but told me it mainly treats fluid retention in legs and mine is full body.Gabapentin didnt help me either.Have you considered any of the dopamine agonist meds such as mirapexin , requip or neupro patch or has the withdrawals put you off them?

Magictommyboy in reply to Hidden

Have not tried any of those, but I am put off prescription drugs because of the side effects. Looking for a more natural solution, but failing that I will have to just go with a drug and hope the side effects ease off, as sometimes happens.

Is the neupro patch effective?

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I have not used the neupro patch but many forum members get great relief from it.My doctors try not to prescribe it as its more expensive than the tablet forms but many GPs will prescribe.Think it is useful for those who have symptoms during the day aswell as night .How bad are you?

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I have been on the patch for 2-3 years plus 2 tablets a day of Pramipexole and have not suffered side effects from either. Stopped taking Gabapentin as realised it was not helping me at all.

By the way, you mention being active every day. You probably know this already but most sufferers find that exercise close to bedtimes makes their RLS worse.

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I have problems about half an hour after going to bed at night

Now starting to get tingling in my calf muscles in the early evening and sometimes morning when I am trying to catch up on sleep

Well, I live in the US, and it is illegal in the state I am in, plus Indiana, Wisconsin and Tennessee. The KratomKing web site says they do not "sell it for consumption". hmmm? Supposedly this stuff is from a coffee tree in South America. REALLY, really, one must check with one's doctor before ever using this stuff, and it has all kinds of reactions with all kinds of meds. All natural does not always mean "all safe". Look up drug interactions and the Kratom addiction site, also.

I am truly glad this 'treatment" seems to work for you. It is stimulant, and if has ANY issues with constipation or gastro issues this is not for us either. IF it will stop diarrhea , then anyone with constipation can't or should take this. The drug interactions are a mile long. You in the US, Vince?


We all get desperate, but please do your research before you drink this stuff. It is an unknown to me, i have never heard of it and had to look it up to find out about it. Because someone says take some thing what ever it might be...we have to research it first. No one should just say, i will get some and try it. If you are taking any meds of any kind, does it interact with them, do you have another condition/s which this tea might not be good for. Lots of questions you should be asking. It might not even be legal where you live.


Snap Nightdancer.... :)

Where do you get Kratom? Never heard of it. Is it available in the US by reputable company who has some kind of standards?

nightdancer in reply to pjmccoy1

NO, not FDA approved, that is why it is illegal in some states. The only place to find it is on the internet, which I have been scouring. You will have to do some research to find anyone reputable selling this and there are no production studies or standards no matter what they say, the companies I mean. It will soon be illegal in other states in the US, no matter what their protests are about the "pharma companies trying to put" them" out of business. (their words not mine)

If I am wrong and there are some actual stores who still sell this stuff, let me know. Just remember, the drug interactions light up like a Christmas tree if you are on meds.


You need to be VERY careful about drug interactions. Only yestetday I discovered that asi am on thyroxine I have to be very careful about when I take iron tablets as iron stops body from absorbing thyroxine so thete is no way I would take Kratom myself

Not using something that is so "risky". On clonazepam and it's now not working after having to stop Sinamet and Horizant after augmentation and depression. Also take a natural supplement, magneisum, Vit's C, E, iron and max valerian dose but my Neuro knows about it and is okay said it actually might be beneficial. But even it has lost effectiveness. Off to visit another RLS specialist who knows what Rx will be throwing at me next. 10 years with this under control for 8 last 2 years has been rapidly getting worse. During day time now and pain and achiness in upper thighs.

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Hi pjmccoy, Glad you got a good few years unfer control hope you find something else to give you relief.Have you got worse since stopping sinamet?

pjmccoy1 in reply to Hidden

Yes. Was experiecing augmentation earlier with Sinamet (carbidopa/levadoa -took generic) and had to add more earlier in day, etc... Was actually on the new wonder drug Horizant in addition to Sinamet which was probably a "no no" but who knows? Then had to stop Horizant after VAnde Neuro ramped me up to 1mg of clonazepam at night which was great slept all night but within 4 month of doing so started getting very depressed and had never experienced this level of depression before. Thought it was from RLS wearieness, exhaustion and some hopelessness setting in and Neuro immediately stopped Horizant and tole me to reduce clonazepam due to concerns for suicide.... So I went through horrific withdrawl effects after stopping Horizant. Lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks, IBS, horrific acid, spastic colon, diarrhea then developed Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) and insomnia. That was new. I always went to sleep just might wake up but now even the .75mg of clonazepam wouldn't work anymore. After 6 weeks of hell finally got a little better after adding dicyclomine, prevacid helped with stomach pain. Still have BMS. Very senstive to Rx's. Well discuss Neupro patch again I suspect. I'm fearing the opiads push. So afraid of that but I don't know what else to do now that RLS is flairing up during day now and keeping me from going to sleep, staying asleep and there is now pain/achiness that has been added. Also want to push Lyrica and I fear that too due to "could cause depression and suicide". I'm depressed but I think it's from this blasted RLS and no one knowing how to treat me.

Thanks Vince for passing on your experience...sounds encouraging!

I'm not familiar with Kratom. Have suffered with RLS for 10+ years and initially managed with Sinemet and Clonazepam but, unbeknownst to me, augmentation occurred and the RLS progressed ramped up with age. I am post menopausal 51 year old female. Last drug that helped was Horizant. Requip, Neupro Patch and recently tried Mirapex and what a disaster, sent me into a RLS fit rage. Made it worse (lowest dose) not to mention side effects. Is Kratom natural? Where do I get it? I am currently using .5 clonazepam @ bedtime and 800 mg Valerian, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, lavendar oils, etc... and OTC Restful Legs, which actually works fairly well sometimes. Please tell me safe dose of Kratom and where to get it? And can I use it with clonazepam and valerian regiment. Due to restart (try again) Horizant after coming off with horrific withdrawal last October 2013 and developed Burning Mouth Syndrome that hasn't subsided since. Thank you.

sounds great .had rls for 50 years .taking pramapexal tabs ,hit and miss .wear can you get this tea from,

Kratom is the only thing that has worked for me . Life saver. FDA is in the pocket of Big Pharma (Scott Gottlieb went right from Big Pharma to head FDA. ) Has been circulating false info about Kratom because Big Pharma does't want the competition. As the American Kratom Ass. advises , FOLLOW THE SCIENCE. Go to the American Kratom Ass. website and you can find links/references to scientific studies about kratom. Read what the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) has to say about kratom. The FDA is acting on behalf of Big Pharma. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE>

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