last chance to support Sarah's jump tomorrow

come on everyone - this is our last chance to support brave Sarah's parachute jump tomorrow. We RLS-ers are all aware - very uncomfortably aware a lot of the time - of how little is known about RLS and how much research needs to be done. Sarah knows this too, which is why she's raising funds for RLS-UK so let's send her a big thank you and see if we can't persuade a few more of our patient partners and sympathetic friends and colleagues to chip in.

thank you Sarah, and good luck tomorrow - I hope the sun shines for you!

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  • Best of luck Sarah and thankyou !

  • Good post Jumpingvalley. Sarah needs our support for what she is doing tomorrow, its for the benefit for all of us RLSers. So, only fair we should be giving our support to her. She is doing something i couldnt even think of doing.!! I hope all goes well for you Sarah and for your friend tomorrow. Good luck....and best wishes. :)

  • Thank you Sarah. You are fabtastic and an inspiration. I know you do not like heights so what you are doing tomorrow is admirable for us all and for Andrew. It will be an emotional day for you and your family and friends. You have had a super response with donations and today very nearly made the £3,000 mark without gift aid. I shall be thinking of you and send you buckets of calming vibes. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for RLS-UK.

  • Oh no, it is raining. The weather has got to improve by 12.30 for Sarah.

  • I believe the sun did shine on Sarah this afternoon. Bless her.

  • Woop, woop! You have done it. So proud of you both. There is an update on the FB RLS-UK site with two photos. I KNEW the sun would shine for you both. Your smile says it all Sarah. So proud of you both.

  • Just been to look Kaarina. Love the pics, sooo proud of both of them... :) :) :)

  • Well done Sarah I hear you have done it and your friend too . Thank you

  • Well done Sarah, how wonderful that you did this in memory of your dear brother.

    You did the jump for all the right reasons but as an ex-parachutist I do hope that you enjoyed the jump, it's a glorious feeling to be "floating" through the sky. The pictures are great, thank you for supporting RLS

  • Sarah has raised £3020.00 for RLS-UK. She made the £3K! The instructor at Hinton Skydive UK asked her how much she had raised. She replied £40 short of £3k and he donated the difference. What a great guy. :-D A truly memorable day in different ways.

  • Amazing amount of money for RLS-UK. and a thank you to the instructor what a lovely thing for him to do....!! Every penny will help with our cause. :)

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