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It is now just one week until Sarah Blanksby and her friend Jacqui Killker do a 13,000 foot parachute jump in memory of Sarah’s brother, Andrew Wilson, who passed away suddenly at the end of last year. They will be doing their jump on Saturday, 24 May at 12.30pm.

The weekend will be particularly difficult for Sarah and her family as it would have been Andrew’s 40th birthday. He suffered with RLS and although it was not the cause of his death, it impacted his life on a daily basis. He attended drug trials and seminars in the hope of finding help, support and a cure for people like him and was on medication daily. Sarah believes that if Andrew could pick a good cause now, he would support her choice in helping other sufferers to get the support and advice.

If you have not yet sponsored Sarah, please consider doing so. Just £1 will make a difference.

If you are unable to sponsor, please visit our Facebook page where you write a few words of support for Sarah. She is doing this jump for everyone living with RLS so it is important we show her how much it means to us!!

Thank you!

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  • Sarah has raised a HUGE amount of money for RLS-UK, I will be thinking of her next week. Brave lady. :)

  • Sarah is a star. She has raised £2,595.00 as I write this and I am immensely proud of her to do this jump for Andrew and RLS-UK. It will be a very emotional weekend for her and I shall be thinking of her as I have done since we first found out that she had chosen to support the charity.

  • Where is everyone?

  • Best of luck to Sarah and her friend Jacqui for next Saturday. A big thankyoufrom everyone who suffers from rls.Andrew would be so proud of you

  • I have already sponsored Sarah but today I found a £20.00 note on the pavement. As there was absolutely no way of knowing to whom it belonged I instantly thought of giving it to a charity and you can guess to which charity it has gone. :-D

  • Good one Kaarina!

  • Thank you pippins. ;) :-D

  • Nice one Kaarina... :D And more donations given today....even better....!!

  • Thank you Elisse. It was a natural reaction. :) Yes, more donations given today - I am so proud of Sarah especially as she hates heights.

  • Wow Sarah you are getting so near to £3,000 and with Gift Aid it is well over already. You are much loved by many and loved for what you are doing. Gentle hugs and calming vibes being sent your way.

  • Gosh cant believe Sarahs amount of money now raised! What a tremendous boost to RLS UK

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