Hi, I suffer from RLS each night and I am due to go into hospital for a knee joint replacement. Any advice would be welcome

Having suffered with RLS for many years on a nightly basis I take Pramipexole and Co Codamol and have my own routine for trying to get some quality sleep. I am very concerned that immediately post operation with my leg immobilised, how will I be able to cope when my RLS kicks in?

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  • Hi Greenacre, hopefully, you will be given some stronger pain pills post op. I would have a word with your doctor of your concern. Pain meds, usually take care of RLS.

  • When I have surgery my Dr. knows I must have my ropinirole. Pain Med's do not help my legs at all.

    My problem is during the day my legs jump and hurt. The drug helps to sleep some at night, but I don't take it during the day unless flying on a plane or I can't sit still and the looks I get!

    Good luck with your surgery

  • Thanks, what about strong pain meds like morphine?

  • Hi Greenacre, I know how you must be worrying about this as when I was told I may be having an op rls was my first thoughts! As Elisse says make sure at your pre op you tell the, about this.Then everytime a medic comes to you mention it again.Be careful about drugs/injections given to combat the sickness after your op as these usually make legs much worse.Make sure the anesthesist knows anf it is written down on your notes.They may need to give you stronger pain meds than is usual to counteract rls.Find out what time your op is scheduled for so you can work out best time to take your pramipexole before you go to the operating theatre .Good luck

  • it shouldn't kick in if you take your meds at your usual time. Good luck I had 2 new knees in 3 months and it changed my life !

  • I had a hip replacement. Worried like you how I'd cope! But all usual meds were continued plus the drugs they give you. Result - a considerable time with no RLS. Bliss x

  • Thank you all for your very helpful feedback. I feel more relaxed now about my pending operation. I mentioned my RLS problem to my consultant but like many people he didn't take it seriously. I will make sure I get the message home next visit to him

  • Hi - sorry to hear that you are having to go into hospital, but at least after the initial discomfort you will hopefully be in far less pain. I also suffer from RLS, I actually get it all over, with my arms being terribly affected. I have used ylang ylang, which is pretty good for the problem, but I also take Diazepam for the muscle spasms and this works a treat. Good luck with your op. Hope all goes well.

  • hi Greenacre.I've suffered from RLS on and off right since childhood - I'm now 58 - also get it in my arms sometimes - and last Saturday (May 17th) I had a Total Left Knee Replacement! While in hospital I was OK (re RLS) . Having a very bad night tonight, but although knee very painful from op, it's amazing how quickly you start to recover from the op. The RLandArms is bothering me much more at the moment. I was looking for an RLS community to join as I'm at the end of my tether with it, wen I saw your post and wanted to reassure you. All the best for the op

  • Thank you ukcatlady for your reassuring words. I won't say that I am looking forward to the operation but it's good to know the experiences of other people.

    I can empathise with you, I can't remember the last time I spent a full night in bed. I too get it in my arms as well as my legs.. My mother used to suffer with RLS, but I have to admit that at the time not understanding the problem I was not very sympathetic.

  • Try muscle relaxants, they do work, I use Murelax, but your Dr will have a list of meds that can help Good Luck

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