Restless Legs Syndrome

RLS Pain Med and Gall Bladder

About a year ago I had a gall bladder attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. The ER didn't know for sure what it was until they did some tests. The gall bladder pain was the worst. Well, as the gall bladder pain got worse RLS started and it was time for me to take my meds, but they wouldn't let me take them til they diagnosed me. I could not lay in bed due to the RLS. I was in severe pain from the gall bladder and SEVERE RLS. I actually think the RLS might have been worse because I had to keep jumping around. I was crying from the RLS and not the gall bladder. Well, when they finally decided I had a gall bladder problem, the dr. injected me with a pain med. MY RLS went away instantly. I can't begin to explain the relief I had. I still had some pain from the gall bladder, but my RLS was gone -- Thank God. Pain meds do work.

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I am on a fentanyl patch 25mg every 72 hours. Started taking it for chronic pain and it really helped my RLS. It is a strong narcotic but your body does adjust. Your neurologist dhoul be sble to prescribe it for you.


I have a spinal infusion pump with 100 micrograms morphine. 70 micrograms night time and 30 micrograms day time. Totally free from all RLS sympthoms.


I researched that for my friend. We live in USA. Not a chance that

we will get a spinal pump.


Sorry to hear that, Brett 85.


Yes pain meds certainly worked for me. I was taking CoProxamol for years until a couple of months ago. My Doctor was able to prescribe this for me although he did say for how long he wasn't sure, as the Borough Pharmacy weren't very happy (cost I'm sure more than concerns) for him to prescribe as now 'off licence '. It was my decision to take my last prescription, rather than be told I couldn't have anymore in February this year. My Doctor has prescribed me Gabapentin which I have to say has kept RLS at bay on most evenings/nights. However, it seems to depend very much on what I've been doing during the day (we do ballroom/sequence dancing quite a lot) - it also depends on what time in the evening I take my Gabapentin, which does mean that some evenings I end up taking a couple of CoProx anyway which then Does solve the RLS problem (this of course is then after a few hours of complete discomfort and no sleep!) I did always swear by my CoProxamol (again sometimes having to take 2x2 over 8 hours if RLS really bad) but it always gave me relief. I don't know how to feel about the Gabapentin? I too had gall bladder/stones problem and had removal of gall bladder last October. Trouble is now after op, changing tablets etc I have put on weight! I think we sometimes just jump from one problem to another - wish I had a magic wand. But to go back to beginning .... I wished I had stuck to the CoProx (pain meds) and let if fun as long as It could. Hope you get sorted soon.


Mine kicks in about an hour after I've been asleep. It's tempting to take

a pain medicine as a prevention. I am not going to get on the Mirplex

train and if the gaba and Lyrica make people gain more than a few pounds-

forget it. I have enough energy level problems than to be carrying around

another 20-40 lbs.


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