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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Some strains are clearly familiar and readily available, while others are a bit more obscure and harder to find. Each strain we chose, however, is either a proven gardener's choice or shows up so frequently in collectives that it is helpful to understand their common qualities & medical benefits.


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Okay so now I am seeing the need for a pharmacist or a chemis. The

stuff gets complicated now. I can see how each type of weed would be

grown for a specific medical purpose..So weed can have a certain taste,

odor to it? Gosh, I should learn a lot about the specifics, I am in favor of

my garden to smell like cotton candy and sweet grape..This stuff could

be used as an air freshener for goodness sake. haha..It could be a fun

hobby just to grow it..since each one requires differents feeding and space

requirements. I never knew that it was a beautiful plant and so fragrant..

I could picture landscapes of this stuff all the way to the front door of the

house..How welcoming would that be to have the path to your doorstep

smelling like pine and citrus..going out to the garage a path of Diesel

fuel..haha...No, I did not once think that it would smell so great. This is

getting more interesting as I read on... (Thanks!)


Thanks Yikes, regardless of it,s uses, this plant has nice and green leafs which stays green up to may be early December basically female flower in the absence of male plant starts to produce THC ( colorless ) and continues doing so for 8 weeks ( from middle of september to mid november ) then it will produce CBD which works for bad pains, depending on when you harvest ur plant you get dif product. The diferent proportions of THC/CDB will have different effect, this is the whole story and you are welcome to my not only step-door but to my garden buit keep that in yourself cos I don't appreciate getting cut or having too many smokers around...............lol ;)


Laughs ..I did see that nice chart included with photos of when to harvest.

Prior to these articles, I didn't have a clue..

You are a smartie pants - The plant is actually beautiful, I read about

the scent of the plants being a tell tale..and the heat of the plants..

Isn't that interesting..Where I live, it's colder than most of the world..

we have basements here...we could have a small garden and heat at

the same time..Brilliant..=DD. ~Laughs again..Imagine that, and no pain..

an Endless supply of sleep and pain relief plus no more RLS, anxiety,

and without getting that hung over feeling...that is just too good. =))


This plant likes sun shine a lot, looks like where you live suits only for indoor growth which is as good as outdoor growth in Afghanestan............lol

First see if they really work for your symptoms ( with the right choice ) then think about how to grow them ;)


I am on way to your Garden, Rahim..and I saw that the Afghanestan is

the type that grows well here. I always thought that there was just

one type. Given the many, many benefits, I can't understand why my

state is so against the use. No wonder why the men and women take

off once retired..I bet they are going to a legal state..=) Many of

them say that they can't stand the pain from the cold and drastic

temperature changes here. Supposedly we are known to be a higher

pain state..that's what the retiree's say as they are packing up.


Ha Ha Ha

Sorry to hear that, may be you all need to vote for it,s legality before you meet God.

Arizona must be a perfect place for growing weed, don't know which state is free. A friend of mine vote voted for it's legality 2 years ago in Colorado and now they can grow few plants of their own.

I am waiting to see the amber color so far, may be in mid-November they will show themselves.......Ha ;)


My latest Post regarding to medical cannabis was deleted by administer who mensioned that of too many posts relating to weed, they asked me to put my new stuff in old posts rather than making new posts, so will put new stuff in old posts regarding to the subject, if I find any. :)



To give an idea of various strains I will start posting info and what I am currently using. Effects are subjective but hopefully with time medical users will develop a language which will indicate what strain is good for what ailment. The net ha slots of material on strains (google).

First of the month I picked up my green meds – Jack Herrer, pink kush, pink candy kush, Jean guy, no-name kush.

Jack Herrer – It’s been about 7 months since they had JH.. This is a unique strain named after the granddaddy of the MM movement and author of the classic “The Emporer has No Clothes``. Please google Jack Herrer for info.

I compare it to a strong shot of expresso, it is at the top end of the sativa scale. It`s great as a morning strain – clear eyed, clear head, giving energy without burn-out. Very cerebral. And it lasts a loooong time, and although it’s strong it is so clear-headed that you may wonder if you are still feeling it, but a head-check will reveal you no doubt are.

Having said that, there are many people who don’t care for it. They find it too racy. MM users often tend to prefer and primarily use either indica or sativa. With PD I find both strains valuable, indicas for pain, sleep, and hunger and sativas for when I lack energy or motivation.


I wish that we could start these conversations all over again so that it would be easier for a person considering the use of marijuana as their treatment plan.. with the help of a doctor or on their own. I like that Rahim did the growers guide. We should start it as the person who can get nothing stronger than codeine to treat RLS or even nerve pain since so many have both. It needs to read for someone with no weed experience at all who wants to try some. Can we do something like that in the form of question, answer? I will be happy to work with both or you meaning Rahim and Lethe or even someone else that we know who can help us out.. I will admit right now, I know little more than what weed looks like. I AM one of those considering going out on my own to buy some from a street vendor..I have no dispensary within 1000 miles.. I am the one who was told that it's the end of the line for narcotic treatment..I am forced to start the weaning process. There are tons of people on this forum who cannot get enough relief.. perhaps education about weed could help them make good choices if they go that route to use it. For others, it's becoming legal but where do we start.. Our doctors know nothing about rLS , it seems.


Just remember that most of us are living where it is not legal and growing is impossible for various reasons.. so help those that have to buy it from the street vendor guy..


Blimey you still awake


The only thing I can suggest about street weed is a friend with experience is safer to go for the seller must be known to buyer providing in good stuff.

here are some links you may want to look :








good luck


I think you are correct, if i new where to get some i don't know street vendors, If i could get some of thay i would be able to stop a hell of a lot of pills doing me a lot more harm.


That was an excellent guide! Ive been using MM for 7 years and Ive only tried 16 of the ones listed. So many strains.... so little time. :)

Thanks Rahim50.....


You welcome lethe

It would be helpful and appreciated if you share some of your experiences with MMJ in fighting the pain you were facing with and now how do you compare MM with other pain relievers.


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