RLS-UK Media coverage: Very Good News

Today one of our RLS-UK charity members, Jean Stones, is appearing in a two-page RLS article in the Birmingham Mail.


This is as a direct result of the recent RLS-UK campaign of writing to papers across the UK asking them to run an article on RLS.

This is great news! The paper has a daily readership of about 100,00 people!

Please share it with your friends and family.

8 Replies

  • great to hear this im so please its worked , lets hope some good comes from it

  • Thanks for working so hard on this Daragh! Brilliant result and let's hope there are more to come x

  • Very good news...!!! hope we have some more of the same, soon...

  • well from Daraghs other post it looks like the ball maybe rolling :)

  • Great news :-)

  • Thank you Daragh and Jean. The message was put across excellently. A correct, good, interesting and informative article. Made my week! Hope it put a smile on your face Daragh. Jean, you were great.

    Thank you both again. :)

  • think shes been let down badly now, see Daraghs new post

  • Whaaaaaaaat! Goodness me, how awful for Jean, Daragh and all of us. How dare they mock us in a sister newspaper.

    I am furious, now! Grrrrrrrrrhh

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