Restless Legs Syndrome
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im still looking for a cure

just joined and would like to say hi to all.been suffering from rls for 6 years(im 30)yes its started at a very young age but i put this down to using using ssri(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)type of antidepressants.some might not agree but the simtoms of the rls(restless legs,twitchyness at night a urge to move my legs and obviously sleeples nights) started when i was put on the ssri, the time i thought the rls simptoms were just the side affects of the ssri,s because when ever i forgot to take them i would get a very good nights sleep that night.yes ssri,s did help with my depression but it allso brought on something alot gp doesnt agree not surprisingly.i think gps go by the book.if the medication doesnt indicate no long term side affect then there is no long term side affect...i dont agree with this at all(forgot to mention i used the antidepressants for well over 4 years non stop) after coming off the ssri,s the symptoms that i thought were side affects of the ssris stayed with this is why im looking for alternative medicine like herbs and supplements and so on.i have used many herbs and supplement just to name a few iron,calcium,magnesuim,ginkgo biloba,velerian root,hops,many different tinctures mixed for my needs.this is just small number of the things i used but no luck.magnesium supplements did help a little so i use them every day still searching and reading and experimenting with different herbs supplements.last week had a apointment at the national hospital for neurology and neurosurgery( finally after 17 months of been refused referal or been refered to the wrong specialist by my gp).i took along my sleep study report which i had got privately done at a cost of just over a grand in istanbul/turkey as my gp refused that as well (i was there on holiday and thought it would be cheaper :) yea right!!.the specialist doctor confirmed i had rls and not surpisingly offered some more yummy medication that would probably bring on another illness or diseas. i refused the medication for sorry to be so bitter on doctors who are only trying to help me but ive not had a good experience with them.ive not been treated thats my story.the search goes on.any help or tips about natural supplement or herbs or any suggestions will be much appreciated friends. keep smiling :))

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So sorry about you having so much trouble with your health and then not getting enough help and understanding from doctors. At the moment I can't get my doctor to agrree to give me a different med. for RLS, as the one I'm taking does not work anymore. So I relate to your problem! I urge you to try the Magnesium Oil Spray ( make sure it is the pure kind). They take it from the depth of the ocean in the Netherlands. Look it up on Google. I have only just learned about it and have ordered some. Someone on this web wrote in about this M spray and told how it had helped so much! It's worth giving it a try, especially since it is a natural product.


hi and thanx for the advice.magnesium oil is some thing i have been using for the past 2 months and it is the pure kind i allso take magnesium tablets and i allso use epsome salt in my bath.magnesium in general helps to relax but its just not i mentioned in my blog i have tried most natural remedies out there but so far no luck.thanx again bambrick :)


Well, like you said, there are not too many natural substances that are going to help with RLS (that are legal everywhere) I can count on one hand the number of people I know who try and treat RLS with the "all natural" method. Would we do that for Diabetes or Parkinson's, or any other thing we were sick with? No, we need the meds for those, and most of us need meds to control RLS, or at least get a handle on it. I get the thinking behind it, but after 15 yrs of moderating several support groups with members from 29 different countries, I have no idea where to send anyone for a "natural" cure or treatment. Many of us have tried it all, and watch out for any ads that "promise" relief, because it just is not so. We have all had our issues with doctors over the years, fired a few, etc. But, sleep deprivation needs to be treated. Your quality of life will go downhill, certainly, with the less sleep you get, so treating that should be foremost in our minds. Without enough sleep you cannot function.

I will say that I use prescriptions and herbal stuff, (kava and valerien Root).


oh, go have a look at Jill Gunzel's web site. she has a lot of good coping ideas, and no meds. She is a strong woman!


thanx mate i did have a look at her book,s BACK COVER :) no offence but i think shes more interested in selling her book more than any thing just like the rest of them.i mean i suffer from severe rls and if i decided to help others like myself or give them tips and strategies i wouldnt sell them the information il just wright them down on my website for every one to read.thanx very much for the advise. oh and heres something i tried last night u might of allready heard dont laugh. before u go to bed you get a unused bar of soap put it in a sock and place it under your bed sheet arround where ur calfs are.this kinda helped i don,t know if its just pscholological but it eased it a gona give it a go again 2night and ashwagandha herbs helps me to sleep that tiny bit more aswell.THAT WOULD BE £2.99 FOR THE INFORMATION PLEASE........ :) JUST KIDDIN MATE


This is the third night I've had no sleep I am totally exhausted. Feel really woozy and just want to punch hell out of my leg and hip and cry and cry and cry. Cycled in the air, had baths rocked on my knees windows wide open etc etc etc.......... so tired .........


I have suffered all my life and was diagnosed at the age of 19, I'm now in my sixties. I have tried pretty much everything there is to try and usually find that any new treatments are effective for a while, but then they lose their effects after a while.

I'm currently using Magnesium with Vitimin B and Clonazapam and this combination along with some moderate exercise twice a day is helping, although after the exercise I have to cool my feet and legs for a good 30 minutes or so. As I've become older, the condition is with me all day everyday and keeping my legs and feet cool has become a full time occupation. I wear shorts regardless of the weather and bare feet most of the time. Most night I have a fan running at the end of my bed which helps keep my legs cool and I have ven been doing this in the middle of winter, so you can imagine just how hot my feet can get.

The "crawling" sensation in my legs has been going continuously for years now, so I never really take much notice of it most of the time.

Despite all my efforts I still don't get what most people would consider a good nights sleep, but then again I no longer expect to achieve that, but I do get a slightly better sleep at the moment by using the drug combination as I've mentioned.

Unfortunately very few doctors understand the illness and so it can be a continual battle to convince them that you are genuinely suffering. I have even had a consultant "specialist" tell me that he could talk to me all day, as it appears I knew more about the condition than he did.

Well good luck to all sufferers.


Hi I have just Started taking MELATONIN Supplements i got from,

EBAY + they have helped my RLS a bit BUT i was taking 3mg a night,

Nightdance says she takes 9mg a night, Which helps So i will take,

9mg from now on + see whats what here is the link for the product,

I take.

I hope it helps you.


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