Does anyone else get hot flashes when their body has reached it's limit?

Hi, I'm 19, and I've been ill since 8. When I was 14 I became severe, and since then the way my body seems to tell me that it's had enough and that I've reached my limit by giving me a really uncomfortable hot flash. I also find that the hot weather seems to speed up that process, so I then reach the overheating stage faster than I do in the colder months.

I just really want to know if any one else gets the hot flashes, for the same reason?

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  • absolutely spot on. Its as if you're describing my 14 yr old son! The hot flashes we consider a,warning sign that he's over exerting. "I've gone hot" he says and we wait for the wave to pass.

    the hot weather is tricky for him as are hot rooms. Hope things level off for you.

  • Yeah that does sound pretty identical :/ Has that been put under the umbrella of M.E, or have you been told that it's something else?

    I'm sorry that your son is going through it too. It's an awful feeling. Hugs to you both xx

  • Sorry PugBex , I'm afraid it's just part and parcel of ME. It's a very draining feeling isn't it, even when you think you have nothing left to drain! Take it easy.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Thanks for the reply Margaret :) It really is :/ Good to know that I'm not the only one, even though I'm sorry that you're experiencing it too :( Hugs to you too xxx

  • Dylan has recently also been diagnosed with pots. His heart rate shoots up when upright. Sweating is another of his bugs to bear....

    but mostly stable with careful activity management, rest and restore slots etc. Growth spurts/puberty trying to outwit our best laid plans tho' !!!

    take it steady, keep on a level if poss. Re-group if there's slippage. Hopefully he'll stay as well as poss....

  • I also have POTS. When I am upright for a period of time, I begin to get a variety of symptoms that grow more 'urgent' until I lie down. Among these is the hot flush. I was also diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome. ME, Fibromyalgia, and these other illnesses often overlap and have main symptoms in common.

  • Overheating can come with thinking such as what did I need on my shopping order and the mind goes completely blank so frustrating when it will most often comeback when my brain has cooled down after the order has been sent in.

    Carry a hand held fan during the summer as my bodies thermostat can go haywire in the warmer weather and breathing is an issue when it happens.

  • This is absolutely me as well. Suffered with sweats since I first became ill at the age of 35. Now 59 and the Doc's keep saying it's the menopause but it's not.

  • Yes, that is one of the things I get.

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