Chronically lost voice - any advice?

Hi, I'm fairly new here. I just wanted to know if anyone has advice for getting a chronically lost voice down to (probable) ME back? I've recovered pretty well and I'm no longer severe, but I still have no voice :/ It's really frustrating. I can whisper without pain, but anything above that hurts and feels like there's a pressure pushing down on my throat. I'm really unsure what to do because the Internet says that even for a voice lost due to a sore throat you shouldn't whisper because it can damage your vocal cords. But I was wondering that maybe if I start using it all the time to whisper that the pain will eventually stop? I just don't know. Any advice? Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you so much for reading, and any replies or advice is appreciated :)

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  • A Strep throat has taken my voice when getting back out of some downtime faster than my body was ready for. Have the throat checked out by a doctor the danger is we put everything onto ME/CFS we know about.

  • I have but they couldn't find anything :/ I Orginally lost it because of energy, but now I've got more of it I just haven't got my voice :/ It's been gone for over a year :/

    Thanks for your reply Arianne. I hope your throat gets better soon x

  • Gargling with around one teaspoon of salt in a half pint of warm water then singing along with my favourite songs (not all of it at once) cheers me up and strengthen the voice.

    Oh must also add helps with swallow action and that helps with taking tablets.

  • Thanks Theresa :) x

  • Controlling my breathing takes away my shout so can relate with some of the problems, pushing beyond my limits has never turned out well for me so I could not recommend going beyond limits.

  • Okay Ian, thank you so much for your reply x

  • I am a chatterbox and wear my voice out drinking water cools my throat.

  • Friend lost voice with NG feeding tube it did not fully return a speech synth box from social services there was some slurring and v quiet whisper. Carers rushing in an out didnt have time for painful slow speaking.

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