Request to sign a petition to the government for funding for ME research

This is on behalf of a fellow ME sufferer on the fibromyalgia HU forum, but as an ME and fibromyalgia sufferer I am also requesting your assistance too.

"I must have a pea in my head today as as tired as I am I do not want to lie down to this horrible illness. The way medicine and attitudes to unseen illnesses is approached needs to change dramatically and Fibromyalgia is no different. Can I ask you all to please sign the petition (uk residents only atm) and hopefully collectively we can raise awareness of our pain. "

Please sign and share as much as you can.

Many thanks.


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  • Played my part in reaching 10,000 thank you for the opportunity Margaret.

  • Thank you. :)

  • The current annual budget for biomedical research works at roughly £1 per patient per year - an increase from such humble beginnings cannot be beyond budgets.

  • Yes indeed, you would think so wouldn't you.

  • Confirmation e mail received vote counted :-)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Signed thank you

  • Thank you. :)

  • Almost two thousand when my name went in.

  • It's at 2,315 now. Still a long way to go though. Thank you. :)

  • Government have placed responsibility for research funding with the Medical Research Council when asked previously more pressure on them can do no harm in asking again.

  • Who do we put pressure on though, the government who are supposed to represent us or the Medical Research Council, who personally I know nothing about?

    Thank you. :)

  • I will join in not knowing where pressure produces results as my expectations are limited by previous history a political hot potato passed around.

    I have even heard the money wasted on the PACE trial quoted as an example of funding generosity and the bitter irony of that cannot be understated for all concerned with moving research forwards.

  • Signed and shared with another group.

  • The more the merrier (hopefully)!! Thank you. :)

  • Shy folk get nothing we must shout up about neglect when it's happening.

  • Very true.

  • With 250,000 affected then 10,000 signing in 6 months is realistic with publicity.

  • I take your point. But the problem is such a large proportion of sufferers are bedbound or are so severely affected that even small amounts of effort and concentration like that is very difficult for them. Lets face it everything is so much harder for us. And the really sad thing is when the psychobabble brigade use that against us on the few occasions when we do raise the energy to campaign on our own behalf. They conveniently forget the sad truth is we are so neglected and treated so appallingly badly that we have very few people to fight on our behalf so we have no choice but to do so ourselves, despite, and I sometimes feel because of, the huge drain it has on our reserves.

    For that reason I feel we have to put some effort into not only signing ourselves but persuading as many non ME people as possible to sign as well.

  • Families and carers must do so much that asking for campaigning as one more thing is a drain on this resource also sadly.

  • Very true. Which is partly why I think campaigns like this are as much for their benefit as ours.

  • Signed and shared as widely as I can.

  • Signed want more research showing how serious this disease is taken by medical professionals.

  • A sense of achievement from filling this out when helpless facing an uncertain future.

    Funding is not at a level that numbers affected and disabling effects demand an opportunity is presented for correcting this mistake.

  • Saddened that we must ask can they just do their jobs properly nothing extravagant in the request for biomedical research.

  • Research for me is hope my future could be better than my past I have signed for a more hopeful future.

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