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Ramsays Disease
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Diagnosis query


I haven't been diagnosed with CFS but it's the next step , I'm currently having B12 treatment and if that doesn't help she wants to refer me. I have an under active thyroid and take levo for that. I'm really suffering with lack of energy and strength, my muscles feel weak and I feel tired and very irratable and moody. I'm thinking of supplementing Ashwagandha and a b complex . I just feel like I'm never going to get better. I've been on fluoxetine for 2 years and at the moment I just feel like running.

Could it be ME/CFS how do the Drs diagnose it. ? Experience or thoughts would be great thank u for listening

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At the moment CFS is a diagnosis by exclusion taking away other things that would explain clinical symptoms such as hepatitis. Main thing that sets us apart from other fatiguing illness is something called PEM (post exertional malaise) a general worsening of symptoms occurring 24-36 hours after exertion and lasting days or weeks.

Often takes a long time getting a diagnosis so don't feel your not welcome until it's put into writing this warm friendly group reach out for others through empathy learned in their own battles with health care provision and a neglected illness.


Pull a chair and we can have a brew and chinwag about this Ashwagandha that has never been suggested as something as should be looked into.


Around half the people I know with ME/CFS diagnosis have thyroid problems so guessing it's all part of this big picture of a metabolism on go slow (including breaking down vitamins b12, D, magnesium etc) that is showing up in the latest research.

Any supplements that improve symptoms and keep even energy pacing avoiding boom / bust use of a limited energy envelope giving the body time for recovery when it needs it.

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