Natural Killer Cells

Natural Killer Cells

 Natural Killer cell deficiency is a consistent finding in ME/CFS patients, in fact some researchers argue that NK (Natural Killer) cell measurement may be a diagnostic aid.

 NK cells act as an immune surveillance against invading pathogens.  NK cell cytotoxicity (NKCC) has been reported to be decreased in patients with ME/CFS.

Identifying immunological mutations and correlating  them with disease progression, symptom severity is an area receiving intense scrutiny.

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  •  Particularly vulnerable to opportunistic infections when previously little troubled by ill health that I was far too busy with all the demands of a very active lifestyle.

  • For your own safety anyone with CFS can never give blood as long as they live something breaks immune system after awhile.

  • Immune system signatures are robust evidence of the biological clinical signs.

  • That was me hyper system beginning then burned out. 

  • B cell depletion used in the Rituximab trial and strong evidence for mutations of NK cell cytotoxicity indicate a spectrum of immune defects. An autoimmune disease that will require a broad spectrum of tests  as time spent affected and severity of reactions, influence expected outcomes.

    I have heard the analogy that researchers are looking at a battlefield the immune system has fought upon and are attempting a forensic reconstruction of events using evidence and educated guesswork.

  • Some idea we are sick before getting very sick please.

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