Starvation” Disease?

The Naviaux metabolomics study with its findings suggesting that a hypometabolic state is present in chronic fatigue syndrome was thrilling, but it wasn’t the first or even nearly the first ME/CFS metabolomics study. The Aussies (McGregor, Gooley, Butt, and more recently Armstrong) have been plugging away at metabolism and metabolic work for years, and their 2015 study – ignored by most – was as exciting as the Naviaux paper. Ron Davis glommed onto it early and praised it. Looked at in light of Bob Naviaux’s work, the paper, with its similar core findings and somewhat different interpretations, is exciting indeed.

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  • Mitochondria control stem cell fate

  • Early days for ideas on supplements but one thing stood out in the use of anaerobic energy use as this ties up with Mark VanNess exercise CPET test results.

  • Another biscuit please I am avoiding starving.

  • When I've had sweet stuff I get more cravings for it especially after meals but I try not to have much sweet stuff if I can because of payback on sugar boost.

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