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Chronic Unexplained Diseases

There’s nothing easy about researching chronic fatigue syndrome. There’s no clear disease definition, no diagnostic test and not enough government funding to solve those first two problems. That’s why two studies led by Stanford researchers, funded mostly by private donations, are giving CFS patients hope.


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Including major universities leverage in a campaign for research funding adds a dimension which is difficult to ignore in the same manner patients/advocates have.

Provide significant research funding which builds upon established findings with researchers that are new in the field, using cutting edge techniques.

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Neurologists taking ownership of ME which has been listed as a neurological condition by the World Health Organization since 1969 (G93.3)


The National Institutes of Health allocated only $6 million in 2015 for research into CFS, which has roughly 2 million sufferers. (To put this in context, the annual NIH research budget for multiple sclerosis, with 400,000 sufferers, is $94 million.)


More hope from the American establishment than from the UK's


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