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There is a long history of viral connection from EBV, HH6 Coxsakie B to name but a few that have troubled compromised immune systems. Treatment of HH6 with Cidofovir has now used Brincidofovir a powerful treatment that has wide ranging success with kidney damage a possible side effect requiring constant monitoring.

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  • Interesting where understood

  • Don't feel alone in that Len607

  • I was put off straight away by the reference to kidney damage.

    Mine were damaged years ago by a virus that was magnified by a fibro flare, they havnt worked right since.

    I dont think that i would take the risk of losing them altogether.

  • Kidney damage and expensive delivery method were weak selling points that would not have me volunteering, unless at last resort.

    More research before a wide band anti viral becomes clinically viable the only good part is a number of companies think the search worthwhile.

  • Sorry Ian, I didnt read much more.

    I just felt down yesterday and couldnt be bothered.

    Hoping to be more cheerful today. :)

  • Wishing a better day mayrose a valid point that a treatment should be considered for harms along with benefits, especially with co morbid conditions.

  • One more experiment by drugs companies.

  • Ah yes but they would not carry out such research if it was all in our heads.

  • Good point.

  • :-)

  • Hear, hear :-)

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