Sleep what is that?

Nic seems to be taking over night as well waking in early hours very very anxious feeling of dread which wants me to reach for a cig but have e. cig at side of bed (thats bad cigs at side of bed) On a better note stopped snowing but heating has broken not good in todays temp.fortunately have gas fire so wrapped up in front. Hope everyone has a smoke free and relaxing weekend. Dawn 1 week tomorrow x. Sue soon be home x Pete more pictures of your lovely cat and John how is Amor doing. Fags and Buttons need more of your stories please Sue c xx (will put Sue c too many Sues now)

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  • Hello Sue C and morning to you - won't say good as you seem to have had a bad night. Today is my 14th day without Nic and my 13th night of waking at 2/3 a.m. in the morning and not being able to sleep again, well not properly just cat napping really. I don't normally reply to blogs as I don't want people to think that I'm interfering but as I have experienced and am still experiencing exactly what you went through last night feel that I can say something so that you know you're not on your own. I get through it by thinking of how I am going to spend all the money I have saved or 'writing' my next days blog. I also tell myself how clever I am having managed ?? days without the aid of a ciggie. I did mention on one of my previous blogs that I was having this trouble but can't remember which one and someone, I think it was monky, very kindly put a piece up about why which also said that it would pass - it doesn't last forever. Will post this and then go and find it and put it up for you and do so hope that it helps you like it helped me. I look at it from the point of view that Nic is loosing and that is why he is disturbing my sleep - very devious and underhand but won't let him win and you musn't either. Stay strong and hope your day gets better and better.

    Take care


  • Hi again Sue C Just thought I'd better let you know that I got the wrong one - it was about dreaming (vivid dreams) which I mentioned I was also having at the same time. The good news is that these have now virtually stopped so I am hopeful that the same will happen with the early hours waking. Seems that the first 3 weeks are the worst so, with luck, only got another 7 days to survive and then it should get better!

    Take care


  • Thanks Buttons just nice to know it will pass you live with it if you have an end date. Stopped smoking for three months once but started because felt so ill just got to get over these feelings and keep reminding myself they will pass. Must admjt very tempted as hubby still smoking like yours. I have posted on your other blogg love sue. Xx

  • Hate to tell you but Im nearly 10 weeks in and I have had one hell of a week with no sleep, pharmasist advised that I stop the champix because I was feeling so rubbish and really didn tlook too good either

  • Yes that's why I started again after 3 months felt so ill Nic has a lot to answer for doesn't give in without a fight xx

  • Well I havent had champix since Thursday morning and very little sleep all week.

    Thursday and Friday night the lack of sleep was due to the wind howling in our bedroom window, by 10pm I eventually flipped coz all I wanted was sleep, I had such a sore head and my eyes were streaming with water (not crying) all because I was tired, 4 hours a night is just not enough for me

    So last night I stayed up till after 1am and I slept the best I have all week, still not great but better

    I have my ecig and lozenges, this is the longest I have gone without smoking and I really dont want to start again eventhough I have never been so depressed and grumpy in my life.

    Life is just hard at the moment and Id reach for a fag to make me feel a bit better and now on the tough days I dont have that and dont know what to do to help me through.........

  • You have done marvellous 10 weeks cannot imagine how hard it has been for you. Look on guetions Pete has put on some breathing exercises. Please try to keep positive as I said I have started again because felt so ill but reget it overtime Keep positive and smiling Suecxx

  • Just found this Sarah, read it as it might help you.

  • Thanks for that Mad, the pharmasist did say that this caused insomnia, never had probs sleeping in the past even when our kids were young and we building house and going through lots of stress, I still slept at night!!!!

    It must be the tablets thats making me not sleep, as for the feeling down I think its also the tablets as well as loosing the friend I had in the fags you know?

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