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How do I set a quit date ??

Hi all, Emjay one of our lovely quit support advisers posted this a few weeks ago, and I think it may help some of you who want to set a quit date :)

Before you reach your quit date, try to understand what part of smoking actually satisfies you....

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE 14 Feb 2013.

Quite often, when somebody decides that they would like to give up smoking, they jump straight in at the deep end without giving much thought, if any - to what part of smoking they feel they will actually miss when quitting. It is quite useful to try and understand what it is that you think you enjoy about smoking, both physically and mentally. Here is a simple thought provoking exercise to try before your quit date;

1. Don't worry about stopping smoking but become really aware of each cigarette or roll up that you smoke and the whole process of smoking each individual one. What do you believe you really enjoy about it? Is it the making the roll up, getting the cigarette out of the packet, puffing the cigarette in or blowing it out?

2. Next, again without trying to stop, try and go for as long as you can without smoking. However when you feel that the craving is too much, really think about what it is that you are feeling... Does it feel physical? Is it in your tummy? In your chest? Does your mouth water? Does it feel more in your mind? Like you can't concentrate? Feeling a bit tense? Upset?

3. When you feel that you can't take anymore of this awful feeling, go and get your cigarettes.

4. Notice at which point does any part of this action take that awful feeling away. You may feel better once you pick up your cigarette packet... without even having to light your cigarette. The feeling may go when you take the first puff in, maybe when you blow it out. The feeling may not even go until you have finished smoking and put your cigarette out.

Only you are able to recognise and answer any of the above for yourself then you can work on the next step of moving towards your quit date.

The key to successfully stop smoking and staying stopped, is all in the thinking, planning and preparing beforehand.

You really can do this, so let’s start by taking just one step at a time

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Thanks Pete, although I have set my quit date for Monday I have not seen this and found it very useful Sue x


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