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The positives and negatives

The positives and negatives

Good evening one and all - Been a beautiful day again but the cold doesn't go away unfortunately - we had a few spots of rain about 5.30 but nothing much thank goodness and look on the bright side, it could have been snow!

Firstly must thank all those who were kind enough to comment on my morning blog - spent a lovely 30 minutes reading through them after my tea whilst himself went out for his ciggie. Keeps my thoughts off the dreaded things and a really pleasant way to spend half an hour - definitely me time.

Today has been a bit of a mixed day - very positive morning but really struggled late afternoon as for some unknown reason, I just got it in my head that one wouldn't hurt - but it would, I know it and you know it and it's like your subconscious just won't give up - nag,nag, nag constant voice whispering in your brain very much like an itch that you just can't reach to scratch. Managed eventually to 'work my way through it' and came out the other side thinking thank goodness for that, just have to tell everyone about the problem but, she says with a sigh of (great) relief, don't have to tell them that I succumbed or even how near to succumbing I came as I didn't do the first and managed to fight the second but doesn't stop me feeling guilty as it was a close call.

I sometimes wish that I had patches or some other thing but I haven't and I made the conscious decision to go it without any 'aids' because I don't want to replace one addiction for another. Apparently, my Dad used to smoke and was actually given cigs by the army and my understanding is that all the forces did this for the 'men'. My Mum had 7 sisters and 2 brothers whilst my Dad was an only child but all my Mum's sisters and brothers like my Mum had two children and out of all that 'lot' there was only me that smoked. My Dad gave up smoking after he left the Army because they just couldn't afford for him to carry on but I must be getting my mind round not smoking as I am using the past tense in my last sentence.

Well heading towards my 5th day - still can't quite believe that I've got so far without a slip-up but it's down to all of you because the 'positive vibes not negative waves' are definitely helping and very much appreciated.

Hope everyone enjoys this little story.


Ashley and Bertie from the top end of the Valley bought a mule on the internet for £100.

When the farmer turned up to deliver him, he said: "Sorry chaps but the mule died last night."

"Well, just give us our money back," said Ashley.

"Can't do that," said the farmer. "I've spent it already."

"All right," said Bertie, "then we'll have the dead mule."

"What in the world are you going to do with a dead mule?" said the farmer.

"We'll raffle him," said Bertie.

"You can't raffle a dead mule!"

"We can if we don't tell anyone he's dead," said Bertie.

Two weeks later the farmer bumped into the two lads at the local farmers market.

"What did you do with the dead mule?" he asked.

Bertie replied: "We raffled him like we said we were going to do."

And Ashley said: "We sold 500 tickets at £2 a piece and made a profit of £898."

The farmer said: "Didn't anyone complain?"

"Well, the bloke who won got upset," said Bertie, "so we gave him his two quid back."

Ashley and Bertie now work for the Government as financial advisers to Chancellor George Osborne.

I will leave you now and hope that you all have a smile on your face - have more and some that are worse than this so you have been warned.

Saying NO thank you is very polite and should not offend anyone and as TIME IS PRECIOUS, WASTE IT WISELY.

Good nights rest to all and sweet dreams.

Take care,


PS Just liked the pic so hope others do too!

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Hi Buttons brilliant tale about the donkey. Cheers us all up. Well done for getting through today. It does get easier believe me. :)


haha - love it.


Hello Buttons, love the pic, and the tale of the donkey. Day 5 you're doing just fab, like Jilly says, it does get easier...

And if you feel like smoking... Start typing, keep on sharing those thoughts... Just as you like to read, so do we too :-) :-)

And tomorrows another day xxx


Many thanks everyone. Nice to know that people do read what I write as to be perfectly candid I enjoy writing them as it helps me to put my thoughts into words and hopefully it will help others.

Must apologise to JohnUK - especially as he wasn't the winner and therefore didn't get his money back?!


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