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Reference to free help to quit smoking website

I would suggest to you all as I have to the writer of the website stopsmokingn.weebly.com which provides free help to stop smoking is that if you do-not like disclosing your personal e-mail adress then you could always get another e-mail address just for the 3 step way stop smoking help and put the name of it in the form.

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Hi Johnway, I have already subscribed and received emails today regarding the above website. I shall watch the videos tomorrow and will then be able to comment on their content. Anybody else who may be unsure can then decide whether they would like to subscribe too.

I understand that you are just trying to share another tool/resource for helping fellow quitters to stay motivated. As far as I can tell, there has been no request of monies for the hints and tips offered in the video.

As I said, I'll give it my time tomorrow and then share my comments :0)

Once again, I thank you for your contribution :-)


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