Drowning the nicotine monster in the waterpark!

Just returned from a 4 day break at a famous uk holiday resort. We spent the best part of the holiday in the indoor tropical swimming paradise with the kids.one day we were in their 6 hours. It has only just dawned on me that just 7 wks ago as a heavy smoker I would have had to make my excuses after a couple of hours maximum just to feed that nicotine monster. Would have spent the rest of the day watching as everyone else had fun swimming. I feel like Ihave had a mini breakthrough in that smoking did not cross my mind once whilst in the waterpark! I remember wondering in the first couple of weeks of quitting if I was ever going to be able to forget about smoking or if it would be just a constant mental battle with the monster. I have still got forever to go and taking it 1 day at a time but the monster did not even get through the door at the waterpark.

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  • How wonderful :) what a moment that must have been for you ! Well done on ALL your achievments ,the being with the family,having a fab holiday,not letting nic in to ruin things and on being 7 weeks quit.. no wonder the sun is shining here :) jan

  • Wow, something for me to aim for. I am so pleased for you. well done.

  • 7 weeks is just brilliant - well done! :) Glad you're enjoying that freedom now that it's not on your mind the whole time. Just keep on kicking that monster every time he jumps out at you. ;-) :)

  • Sounds like you are enjoying the benefits of spending quality time with your family, well done and congratulations :)

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