tomorrow is wee threeks

I've been out blading (it was cold) I vacuumed the hall, stairs, living room, kitchen and front room. I made a bite to eat, I dusted the living room. I got out bid on Ebay (Bstard) and I am now going to clean my bicycle. As long as I keep busy, I am fine. I am now down to two stone six ounces and I no longer cast a shadow. I am being stalked by amongst other things , the cyberman and his girlfriend/mermaid, the kraken, Donny Osmond ,the chippendales and David Essex has stolen all my chocolate.

But I haven't had a fag....................... :) Doing OK

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  • This made me laugh out loud. Well done to you I wish I was 2 stone 6 :) I think I am 200 stone just now. But like you still have not had a fag

    Linda xx

  • Oh my Fags, you have been busy... clearly you remembered to iron your 'pants' and crumble a few 'crackers" ;-) Well done you :-)

  • Well you have been having a busy day - probably crashed out n the sofa now after all that activity! :o :|

  • High Five :)

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