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new hobbies

new hobbies

With one thing and another, I've been a bit down in the dumps lately but I am so pleased with my abstinence from the dreaded ciggies. I've decided I may take up some new hobbies to occupy my hands/mind and wondering as to what I can do. Up to now I've had several ideas:-

Throwing slices of beetroot at pictures of Uri Geller.

Dressing up like Darth Vader and pushing a frozen block of trifle round Tesco with toilet brush. Shouting at plants. Throwing potatoes at the moon, Running for parliament, Skipping for Parliament. Pushing a fridge up a tree with the back of my neck.

These are just a few ideas for now, they're not your everyday hobbies I must admit but Hey, If they stop me from going mad, who cars? I've post a picture of a dog thinking about onions.

Thanks for all your support,

Love, silliness and hope

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Well that certainly makes you think eh?!

Makes my tips for Jan look feeble lol

Do you think if you were still on the fags you would be as down as you've been feeling?

I went through that last week and the week before and I did wonder if I would be feeling like that if I wasnt stopping smoking........

You'll get there, and we're here for you to rant at and give advice wheather it be good or bad and wheather you want it or not lol


There have been some issues in my life over the past two or three weeks that really are depression inducing. All outside my control.

However, I am generally an upbeat sort of person, I have to take these in my stride and carry on. With regards to quitting, right now I am on cloud 9 with the results and no amount of fags have ever made me feel so good.

I'm a natural born jibberish ranter and feel I can let off some steam here.

I have the challenge of my fist weekend with out fags. I will do it, I know. Fisrt I was afraid, I was petrified etc....... I will survive.


I think your blog must have some deep meaning if your name is Freud but I think you're just bonkers! :o You've come to the right place mate! :) :D :D


hi fags love your tips lol and the dog looks like a meerkat i can even hear the voice lol. See even though you feel down you can still make jokes :) im sure it will get better..i hope so..sending you a cyber smile :)



Aup Fags :)

You know, reading your blog, I think you've got what it takes to become a member on here :) hmmm you might even get high up with your new hobbies :D :D

Good luck on your quit journey fags :) you stay strong now :)

Pete :)


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