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still here

hi everyone just wanted to let you all know im still here still not smoking :) yay me has been almost 5 months now and my goodness what a journey dont even think about the cigs now even though hubby still smokes im off the electric ciggy now and on 1 nic chewing gum a day not been on a while as have been working long hours at work because of the olympics i work for a large haulage company up at 5am at work for 6 finish at 17:30 home just after 6 tea bath washing flop on bed and sleepzzzz but hey think of the overtime weekends :) going to spain at the end of the month on hubbys motorbike looking forward to it need the rest now. and a tan ahhh sunshine whats that :) glad to see everyones still on here and quits going well great news there oh by the way have managed to save £700.00 pounds not smoking will suprise hubby with it when we go for the euros extra spends have been dieting like mad waste of time really losing very slowly tortoise pace, i tried the very low cal shakes 600-700 cals a day lasted 3 days before i wanted to eat the carpet or any thing else handy not a good move now on slimfast and calorie found something im enjoying losing slowly but loss all the same. will keep popping on i do read posts shouldpost more often really lazy of me but will make it my mission to pop on each night for a read and a quick catch-up

linda xxx

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Hi linda,

Its so lovely to hear from you. Big well done on staying quit. You must be really proud of yourself.

Shame your having to do long hours at work. but at least you have your holiday to lok forward to.

Hope the slimming regime keeps working for you. My ! you will be super fit and good looking when you go away. Bet hubby will be surprised how much money you have saved.

Once again well done and stay in touch. :)


Hi Linda, great to hear from you and that you're doing so well. My, but you're a busy lady, I bet you're looking forward to a rest and a bit of sunshine. I guess that might be a bit of a test for you with all the free-flowing alcohol and hubby still puffing away but I'm sure you'll manage to stay off them. Spain is as bad as here now, if not worse with thier smoking ban. Mind you, it's a lot warmer outside over there than here. :o

Going somewhere like Spain should make it quite good for keeping off the excess food and all that extra activity like swimming wil do wonders for the figure. :D

Anyway, keep us updated and speak again soon.

Andi x :)


Hi Linda,

lovely to hear how well you are doing :-)

Thinking about how the stopping smoking journey can be, you will probably agree that it is quite a roller-coaster ride; With it's ups and downs, positive and negative self talk - from "can I or can't I do this?", to "Yes I can" to "no I can't" and then back to "Hang on a minute, yes I can" again!

In terms of your hubby still smoking, as long as you accept the fact that not everyone wants to or is happy to quit, and remember that you are doing this for yourself, then this will make everything a lot easier for you :-)

It's fab to hear how much you've gained financially, it makes those 'down' times seem absolutely worth it :-)

From what I've heard, they say if you want advice, ask a busy person :D This is how it seems to be for you lately :D You'll deserve a well earned break :-)

Well done and keep up the good efforts :-)

You've done brilliantly :-)


Aup Linda, just great to hear from you again, i know how you feel sometimes cus my partner still smokes, and i work long hours like you do, i am so so proud of you gal, as the others have said, just brillllll gal, just brilllllllll :) :)

Although i seem to be the only erm -- old boy on here, i would love you to come and have a chat with us, and to let us know how you have done this, for 5 whole months !!!! :) yippeedoooooo :) :)

Or you could write a blog telling us about the hard times, and how you got over them, perhaps it just may help someone out there, who's just quitting :) :)

Hey you have a fantastic holiday, do you hear me gal :) :) cus you aint half earnt it :)

Pete :)


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