***PLEASE READ*** Anybody else having trouble accessing the blogs?

Hi Everybody,

We seem to be experiencing some technical hitches and I don't think there is much that we can do until office hours tomorrow now :-(

I cant seem to open any of the blogs... I just keep getting a white screen :-/

Just wanted to let you know in case you may be experiencing the same problem :-(

If you need anything, please either post in the questions section or send me a private message :-)

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  • OK Emjay , going to sign off now. Hope the site gets going tomorrow. I think you will be getting plenty of messages tonight and in the morning , take care see you tomorrow, if it lets me. (told you there were gremlins about :D :P ) xx

  • Huh you and your gremlins !! :o :P are you breeding them ???? :D :D

  • nite nite pete . luv ya.

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, love you too gal xxxxx aint half missed you to night, could have done with you cheering me up :D :D

    Pete :)

  • Yep same here Emjay, just keep getting a blank page :X :o

    Sent feedback

    I think its just the bloggs, cus i seem to get on the questions ok

  • I have just been onto HealthUnlocked admins site and it's exactly the same.... shall look into it properly when I'm in the office tomorrow :-(

    Oh well eh, these things are sent to try us...

    I'll keep a look out for anybody tonight and just hope that they read this post :-/

    Keep smiling :D

  • Hi ya Emjay, just wondering if you would like a big big hammer :D :D cus av got one, and i will bring it up to you if you want it, was saving it for Jillygirl, thought maybe knock some sense into her, but perhaps not eh :D :o

    I know its not your fault gal, just one of them things, luv ya and nite nite

    Pete :)

  • Night Night and love to you both xx

  • just managed to get back on now :), although i don't know if this will last, checking all the posts cause i don't trust the numbers :D:D x

  • HI EJay, iAM really struggling badly with these withdrawl systems, been up all night gasping for a fag. . Is there any thing else i can ( take) or do to relive this tension. It has only been a week & i am nearly caving in? weemikec

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