What is the NHS thoughts on E-cigarettes are they safe

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  • Hi Simon, I can't comment on behalf of the NHS but we don't currently recommend the use of e-cigarettes.

    This is because;

    • They are not regulated by the Medical & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

    •The nicotine content is not stated so it is difficult to know if people are receiving a suitable dose

    •They are expensive

    •They aren't a method of weaning people off nicotine

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for replying,I have used my E-cigarette for 3 weeks now and feel a massive breathing improvement ,The dose I am using is a 18mg supply which costs approximately £7.50 for 2 weeks I have just ordered my next 2 weeks supply at a 10mg level and am really confident this method of weaning myself off smoking more so than any other method I have tried.The E-cigarette I am using is a UK manufactured brand called JacVapour :)

  • emma says they dont state nicotine content they do they are very effective,i am on them ive used all the nrt patches bu t gone back on cigs each time, surely they must be safer than ciggarettes,they dont work out as expensive as nrt .the goverment should do some testing on them may save the taxpayer some cash with whats being spent on nrt lecture over lynn

  • I packed in 8 days ago and used the patches for the first 4 days. Some-one then told me about e-cigarettes. I went to Tesco and bought a disposable one that was recommended by Chris, the doctor on This Morning, a while ago. It has been working great up to now. I have stopped using the patches, but the e-cigarette seems to be doing the job. In the past I have always ended up back smoking after using patches, so i am going to carry on with the e-cigarettes for now, see how it goes.

  • Coming up to 7 weeks this Saturday using the E-cigarettes ,Saturday is my first day on the reduced nicotine dosage down to the 10mg fluid fingers crossed.

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