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michellesdeli4613 MONTHS WINNER
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Good morning all,

Hope you’re all well, and still smoke free.

Busy day ahead cake decorating for me,

So plenty to keep me busy.

Catch you all later.

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Good morning Michelle, You sound really busy today. love to see some piccys of you cake decorating. I have the images in my head but when it comes to actually decorating a cake not bad but not professional. Still they always taste good. Happy Wednesday. 🌸😊🌼💕✖✖🎂

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Fluffy_Fairy98713 MONTHS WINNER

Good morning ☀️michelle

Glad to hear you’re keeping yourself busy doing something you enjoy!

Would be lovely 🥰 to see any pics of your creations!

Have a wonderful smoke free Wednesday! ❤️🤗😘x

One of fluffy’s favourite 😍 types of cake! Although she loves all of themmmmmm…..
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Good morning Michelle🙋‍♀️Have a great day💖🤗😘

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Good morning Michelle, hmmmm, cakes eh :o bags I lick the bowls out :D :D just thinking it would save you washing them :o

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